Working with Cheryl

There are a variety of ways of working with Cheryl, all powerful and all individual depending on your circumstances and level of need.

You can:

Join her in a 2 (or 3) day Shifting Gears® Workshop

  • Here you work with a handful of people very intensely to shift baggage and create the foundation for a joyous,  purposeful and loving future.  Private workshops for couples are available.  This is by far the quickest way to change your present circumstances.

Enrol in a Home Study program

  • Either the Shifting Gears® or the Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach program (the latter builds on the former).
  • Th Shifting Gears® Home Study program is expanded from the SG 2-day Workshop and the SG 1-day Show Me the Money Workshop.
  • The Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study program is expanded from the powerful 12-week Living Authentically live training program and takes you on your inner spiritual journey once you have cleared your emotional baggage that will be blocking you from embracing it.
  • They are a powerful way to work on your own in the privacy of your own home.  The option to work more closely with Cheryl and have her feedback on your progress as you work through the stepped-out workbook is available if you desire it.

Working 1:1 with Cheryl

  • Experience both Spiritual Healing and Emotional Rescue®.  These private 1:1 sessions are only available now to those enrolled in her programs.

Go for broke and join her in the Ascension Program which offers it all

  • Not for the feint-hearted and not in if you are not ready!  By far the most direct and most powerful way, this program will launch you to places you can’t even imagine at this stage.  It will unlock all your keys and launch you to living your life purpose… and you will have Cheryl there all the way to guide you.

Become a Practitioner of Emotional Rescue® and Facilitator of the Shifting Gears® program

  • If you resonate deeply with this work, you will be invited to join Cheryl and become part of a team to pass this work on to those you need to be helping – your tribe!

Cheryl is committed to helping those who want to be helped… especially those who want and feel deeply called to be of help to others.