What Others Say …

“ The work I have done with Cheryl has catapulted me into a world of possibilities.  It has been a journey that has required some tough work, bringing up a lot of emotional baggage that I now realise was holding me back.  The power of the work Cheryl does is nothing like anything that is available mainstream including our medical system, professionals such as psychologists, counsellors and the like, and the education system, and I clearly see the need for the healing process that Cheryl is able to provide and teach, in almost daily interactions with others.  Once we get back to the basics and connect with our inner selves everything makes basic, perfect sense.”


“ Dear Cheryl and Holger

I’ve just sat here and read your documentation of events (Select Your Outcome). So many thoughts are racing through my head and the one thing that just keeps coming to me is LIGHT.  Lots and lots of LIGHT around you and Holger and your work.

We can’t presume or assume that a dreadful thing such as your accident – or anyone’s accident for that matter – is a reminder that God has SAVED us for a purpose.  Because we all have a purpose.  All the years in the church, I heard that twaddle being prattled week after week, about accidents happening to let us know that we have been “saved for a purpose”.  We all have a purpose and your point – about seeing the OUTCOME in LIFE is so very, very relevant.  Your reflection of events is so definite and so incredibly honest Cheryl. Not ever have you come across as a victim – in any of the courses you delivered – and I believe you have had some rotten stuff happen that would qualify you to take on the VICTIM mentality – but you never do.  You are so LIGHT FILLED.  That’s all I can keep thinking. Your purpose is to heal and teach and to live by example and to give and to love and to be a shining light. And you DO just that. Everything about you, is that.

The purpose – the LIFE and LIGHT you bring to everything you do – is the PURPOSE.

All day Saturday you were on my mind and just today – as I was buzzing about Penrith, I determined that I would contact you tonight. So coming to the computer and receiving your email and incredible report of your accident – just tells me that we are in a very intimate matrix of life. That our hearts and intuitions and breath, is all so synchronistically combined, that nothing passes through this web or ether or life, without there being an effect on each other.

But I’m in shock about what has happened to you both – and the potential for disaster – and yet there is such TRIUMPH, and incredible joy and love.  You truly are my hero. My muse. My Mentor.

I have such love for you at the moment and I trust that you feel it.  Love and light my dear friends.”


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Cheryl being interviewed by Janet

Whilst listening I typed notes for my self and pin pointed the 7 steps I need to do in my life to make my desires become reality! I am truly looking forward to the workshop in August…

What really stood out for me was the sentence and quote Cheryl stated:
“ give 5% to your problem and shift 95% to what you do want

I have found in the past (and I am trying to change) the fact that I have been doing just the opposite … concentrating (without realizing it) on the bad things and not successful, negative and heavy things in my life and only rarely think of the positive joyful uplifting things … being negative is something that has been part of my life (without even noticing it) and now with The 7 Steps I can finally break free from my uninspiring thoughts and spread my wings full of delicate joy, success and wealth.

Thanks again Cheryl and Janet for what to me seems only such a small amount of time and effort to sit and listen to an interview that can surely change one’s life forever, and all for the better… and our one’s own self and others surely deserve that. ”


“ The 12 week course was inspiring, comprehensive, uplifting and opened up my awareness.

I feel like I am now on the path to living my soul’s desires and releasing baggage that I have previously let hold me back.  The opportunity to become in touch with my higher self and practice healings, as well as have my own healings has had an immeasurable impact on my life.  I am now open to a world and consciousness that I previously didn’t realise was there.  The knowledge and information given within the course was amazing and has changed my life.  I previously suffered from some depression and I have learnt of the reason for this and why I have been holding back from truly living.  I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift of partaking in such a fantastic learning experience. Challenging, confronting, enlightening and absolutely uplifting.  Thank you so much. ”


Shifting Gears has been a life changing experience for me.

This course has brought me to a place where circumstances in my life have changed for the better within days. Relationships with friends and in the workplace have taken amazing turns for the better now that I am in a place of peace and love. The workshop has provided me with a safe environment to work through some more challenging issues and move beyond them. Coming out of the course I feel uplifted and in control of my life and future again. Thank you for the opportunity to remember the brightest and best version of me in a loving safe environment and a short period of time. I cannot speak highly enough of Cheryl and her work.


I had a fabulous weekend at the Shifting Gears workshop.

I found this enlightening, powerful, emotional and life-changing.  It gave me so much to think about and work on.  I had shifted some old negative programming within the two day workshop.  Quite amazing. Thank you so much.  This was just what I needed and was a great wake up call to the ways in which I have in the past focussed on negativity which has bred further negativity.  I had some guilt that I was holding on to which completely shifted after doing the one on one emotional rescue and has helped in my current relationships.  The opportunity to participate in the family role play was incredibly powerful and emotional and is something that I treasure.  The money workshop built on the Shifting Gears workshop and showed me about changing my focus to an abundance.  Thank you! ”


“ I’m really pleased that I stopped at your shop and made the connection with you.

It felt like I directly responded to your energy as I was driving past and there was no possible way that I could ignore the initial impulse to stop the car to come and investigate what you were offering up to the universe.  Your invitation was clean in terms of its purpose and intent and I readily accepted the offer.  I love it when I get out of my own way and the universe offers up wonderful surprises such as you and the work that you do at your centre. ”


“ Thank you for being an open and honest person, I value you and all that you do.

Monday was a very special day and I am so appreciative. ”


This course and it’s benefits are beyond money.

I didn’t even consider the cost excessive before the course started. I could never have said, felt, displayed the emotions I had anywhere other than at this course. It has meant more to me than I can ever adequately express. You will forever be my saviour elf who enabled me to look in the mirror and see the truth. Thank you.


I have had the most amazing weekend with the (2 day) workshop and I have felt fabulous ever since.

My awareness of things is much deeper and I am keeper of my thoughts and emotions and find myself analysing myself often.  I really enjoyed the company of everyone. ”


I feel a bit confused, enlightened, happier, wanting to love and share love.

I feel mixed up a little as it is not clear to me where and what to do but I am more focussed on the positive things I want in my life. I thank you Cheryl for opening my mind and heart.


“ I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the benefits are obvious in each and every day.

I attended the workshop as I knew that I had issues buried deep inside that were affecting my life and came to life in my emotions and reactions to situations. With Cheryl’s guidance and the support of those attending the workshop I was able to release these emotions in a comforting and supportive environment. I have learnt so much about myself and have an even greater appreciation of just how important it is to be positive in life and that life is and will always be what we think it is, we are the creators of our life and we always have choices. This workshop showed me how to focus on the positive.

Cheryl F

Wow, what a wake up call!

I was at a stage in my life where I wanted to get over issues in my life. I now have the tools to use for not only doing that but for every day life. Thank you Cheryl xox


Attending the workshop has enriched my life and more importantly it has taught me how to focus on the positive.

Your voice has echoed through me on several occasions and I thank you for delivering over two days something that will forever remain in me.


I enjoyed the weekend immensely and it has helped me understand previously viewed information.

As always, thank you Cheryl.

Paul, RYP workshop


Meditations are a great way to help integrate the information. Good format/flow of information. Gained a fantastic amount of self-awareness and spiritual connection which I will now use to make loving choices that will serve my higher self. Thank you! Love you! xxxx

Rebecca, RYP workshop

“ Thanks for a wonderful, fulfilling and enlightening workshop.

I have learnt so much about myself and am continuing with my personal journey.”


Enjoyable, informative, gained clarity.

Yes I was heard, yes value for money. You pace yourself very well, balancing what you feel you need to share with the group and the group’s needs.

Helen, RYP workshop

Yes, I did enjoy the workshop even though it brought up feelings of discomfort.

Fortunately, I realise these are signals of the areas of my life that need healing. The presentation and content of information is very interesting. While the exercises I found confronting they were educational. Thank you very much. ”

Denise, RYP workshop

All the aspects of the workshop helped me to understand a lot of how my choices can change the way I do things in my life.

The workshop was interesting and covered a broad range of topics. I enjoyed the workshop very much.

Holger, RYP workshop

This course (12 week) encompassed so much more than I was expecting!

I thought that I was embarking on just a journey of self discovery, which is certainly what I experienced, but I also learned so much more along the way about life, different perspectives on just about everything and also about others. Instead of just being about me, I was shown how to listen to myself and to others and be in a position to feel more and therefore experience more of the good things that life has to offer. I can certainly say that I have changed or been awakened in many ways, including how I deal with everyday occurrences, how I make choices that affect my life and also how I treat others as well as looking to the future with enthusiasm instead of trepidation. Cheryl, you are a wonderful teacher and I thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me… your strength of character and the joy and encouragement you engender in people is truly inspiring.


A lot has happened since the course finished and I feel I have been able to deal with all that has come my way in a ‘complete’ way – ie I have felt the emotion, processed the thoughts and been able to make peace with myself. For me, the course was a way to heal myself first and I feel I have come a long way in that. I have learnt to recognise my soul connection to …, I have had times when spirit has spoken to me and I have recognised that and listened. I have felt my spiritual connectedness physically and it was an awesome experience. I write nearly every day to practice and reinforce what the course taught. I also find myself naturally following some of the teachings, thinking and speaking them as a normal part of my life. It seems destined now and I laugh to think back … I spent 10 fridays with Cheryl and our group practicing and learning spiritual healing and self development. On the 11th friday I made a conscious decision I knew would end my relationship with …, a soul I have travelled with a lot, and what I felt the moment the trauma of physically ending it was over, was profound relief. Not only mine but a collective relief. The universe told me I had done the right thing. That thought sustains me when I have tough days. Thank you Cheryl for giving/sharing the course, providing the awareness and skills I need to continue my journey.


What they can expect! They can expect personal growth beyond their wildest expectations.

They can expect honesty from a mentor/teacher who will not compromise her spiritual standing to make you feel better. They can expect their lives to be tough as they work through issues, but they must remember they are never alone. They can expect to hang onto their hats, because once they allow the blessings to flow, their lives will move forward at such a rapid rate that nothing will stay in place for long. They can expect spiritual growth and connection with a Higher Intelligence, that will never leave, nor forsake them – unconditional and unmitigated love beyond their wildest dreams. And, speaking of dreams, be prepared to put your dreams in place, because they will come true – and then some.


Karen’s Story …

I separated (by my choice) after 10 years of marriage at 37 years of age. In the last few years of my marriage I was verbally and emotionally abused to the point where it was starting to affect my health and well-being.

I was living in world of fear, self doubt and had very low self esteem.

I always came across as a confident person, however I wasn’t confident on the inside and didn’t know where to start to try and regain my true self. I was also scared of being on my own and starting all over again.

I saw an advertisement for a 2 day workshop at Soul Star Connections and decided to attend after speaking to them and finding out more about the workshop. I attended the 2 day workshop and came away feeling very peaceful and calm and
like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I tackled a lot of my stuff in those two days and can honestly say that no amount of money was worth what I achieved in that one weekend workshop.

I then chose to attend a 12 week intense course which really started to help me retrieve my lost confidence and self esteem and deal with some issues that I wasn’t able to at the weekend workshop (after all there is only so much you can fit into one weekend!).

I found the 12 week course intense and sometimes confronting which was what I wanted for my future. I loved every minute of the 12 week course, there was lots of laughs and tears and every emotion in between and I made some lovely friends of which I still have contact with.

Since attending my first workshop with Soul Star Connections approximately 2 yrs ago, I bought a new house, started playing netball again and have made some lovely friends via that network and am currently the club Secretary, secured a new job as a People Relations Manager and was able to use what I had learnt to help other people and write some workshops that could be used in the workplace.

I met a loving new partner and his two children and we married on our new property (a log house on 2.5 acres) that we bought together late last year. Hence I now have two lovely stepchildren who were attendants at our wedding and I love very much. We have a lovely time together and also have a very good and amicable relationship with the children’s mum. We all enjoy spending time together on our property complete with our 2 goats, a pony, 2 rabbits, 2 chooks and 3 dogs.

At the time of writing we are all very excited to be awaiting the arrival of our new baby girl or boy (JB = Jelly Bean nicknamed by the kids) at anytime in the next couple of weeks.

All these changes in my life would have taken me a lot longer to achieve and may not have manifested if I hadn’t had the guidance, support and knowledge from the courses and books available from Soul Star Connections.

I am now blissfully happy and content with my life and so happy to be in touch with my true self and waiting to be a first time mum at age 40!


A ship in port is safe … but that is not what ships are for …
Sail out to sea and do new things

Grace Hopper