What I believe…

… and reflect in my business


1:      “No” is not the end

When you’ve heard that “there isn’t any more help for you” I want you to know that there is… if you desire it.  My message to you is that there are a multitude of paths to wellness and just because one door has been closed to you does not mean there are no more doors.  Look for them and you will find them but never go knocking on a Butcher Shop door if you want a loaf of bread… you won’t find it there.


2:      There is a way out… and all things can be changed

The keys to finding your way are… desire, intention, courage and action.

If you have the desire and intention I will help you with the courage and action.

I have enough passion to carry us both.  Your keys and your answers all live within you… I will help you find them and unlock your doors.


3:      Only you can change your circumstances

Ultimately only you can unlock your door as no-one and no-thing outside of you has that power.  Access to this power lies individually within each of us…

my role is to help you access your power and guide you with my knowledge,

experience together with help from my spiritual guides. It is possible to change your circumstances and it is possible for these changes to be permanent.


4:      We each have the power to control what comes into our life

We have the ability to control and steer our reactions and therefore can be in control of our lives.  Sometimes it will appear that an experience has not been of our asking – and sometimes it appears that our reactions are outside of our control. But, in all cases, there will be a ‘story’ within you that has you bound to either an experience or an emotional reaction.  My role is to guide you through this, uncover your ‘story’ and free you from it.


5:      Love is the universal force that creates all good

It is the highest power and can overcome all challenges. Fear is not a force but rather an absence of love and, when we turn on the love, it is like turning on the light so that the darkness disappears.  Your love within you will guide you out of your darkness.  My programs are designed to show and guide you to be capable of achieving this – I am here to guide, witness and reinforce it.


6:      Emotional trauma is directly connected to illness

Emotional trauma (and negative behaviour including addictions) is captured in the cells of your body and stays there until you have positively processed it until you can no longer feel any emotional connection with the experience.  When this trauma is held onto or shoved in your basement, when you put a lid on it without processing it positively, it builds up and can become explosive within your cells.  You can pretend that it has no hold on you but this is when it is most dangerous for it changes form and becomes a disease.  All this can be changed which is why my Emotional Rescue® technique is taught in all my programs and is the key to your success.

7:      You do not need chemical substances or medications to return to wellness… unless you believe you do

All manner of substances and therapies are available for you to use as you see fit to work with your belief structure.  Some are harder for your body to cope with than others but the real key is dealing with any emotional baggage, patterns, beliefs, behaviours and prejudices you may be carrying.  I will help you to identify these and release you from those not serving you.


8:      You are much more than a human being

You are living a physical existence but having a spiritual journey and that journey involves your spiritual history as well as your childhood history.  Your past is connected to your present but your future is yet untold and undeclared for it will be the outcome of your present and past and these can both be changed… but you need guidance to do this. You are a spiritual energy living in a physical and dense body having a human and emotional experience.


9:      Desire and Intention are the building blocks of your life

You do not have to know your answers before you get better.  You do need, however, to have the want to know your answers to get the change… then both will come.  It is always possible to change your life as long as you are capable of changing your mind for your current and past modes of thinking have brought you to your present reality and change in your life begins with a change in your mind.  This is why we look deeply into your subconscious programming in my programs.


10:   Awakening to your inner life-force is crucial

Permanent healing will only occur when you are consciously connected to and listening to your inner life-force.  Your emotions are key to this connection.

My #1 job is to guide you with your connection and show you how to live from this place.

Love, Cheryl xo