SSC webTV #18 … Are you being held back by your Money Programming?

Christmas is a time of year when we can all be challenged with our emotions and inner programming around Money.  We can even end up losing our true selves and going through Christmas in a bit of a victim state worrying about not having enough money.  This then puts us on the back-foot financially to begin the new year and can perpetuate a cyclic pattern in us.

Watch this week’s episode of Soul Star Connections webTV … Shifting Gears in Your Life to find out how to get your free series ‘5 Tips on How to Recognise Your Inner Negative Programming on Money’.  This series is intended to help you become aware of what, how and why we have so much resistance to both giving and receiving money.

It is a gift from me to say ‘Thank you for supporting my webTV program this year’ and I trust it serves you well.

I wish you much love, joy, peace and financial well-being this Christmas.

I would love for you to share how you cope with these challenges at this special time of the year so please leave your comments down below.

with love, Cheryl

PS …  

If you would like to take charge of your financial health and live from a place free of imposed limitations, I can show you how.  The best way that I can do this is with my Shifting Gears® Show Me the Money home study course.  You can find out more about this program here.


Keep an eye out for my verrrry special Christmas gift coming and only available to you as a supporter of my webTV program in its initial year.

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Video Transcript:

Well Christmas is fast approaching … the Christmas Pageant has been here in Adelaide, SA and that always heralds and opens    the festive season here. I don’t know about you, but I am already feeling the pressure building on 2 of our most precious commodities … time and money.

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SSC webTV #02 … Why Celebrate Christmas?

This video may challenge you if you think Christmas is about religion or even if you think you shouldn’t celebrate it at all because of it’s religious tradition.  Watch this week’s 3 minute episode of Soul Star Connections webTV … Shifting Gears in Your Life and make peace with Christmas and let yourself off the hook!

Let me know how you celebrate Christmas … what is the highlight for you?  Leave your comments below and I will come back and join your conversation.

with Love, Cheryl

PS … If you would like to discover more about your spiritual nature, I’d love to help you.  This is what I love to do … and my Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study program is designed to show you how.  You can find out more about this program here …


Video Transcript:

It’s that time of the year again … it’s Christmas … and we start thinking about what we are going to buy … and for who … and then we might say … “It’s for the kids” as if that’s our justification for spending so much money and making so much fuss over trees and decorations and meals, festivities and pressies.

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