SSC webTV #16 … Is the Law of Action really real?

The Law of Action is one of 12 ‘laws’ of the universe and is just exactly what it sounds like … we must take action.  We must take action on something specifically that our life-force has guided us to do.

To find out why it is so important to take action even when it seems illogical watch this week’s 4 minute episode of Soul Star Connections webTV … Shifting Gears® in Your Life.

Are you taking any action right now that has been divinely guided and how you are going with it.  Is it logical or are you acting in a way that is perhaps not supported by those around you … let me know.  Let me know … leave your comments down below and I will join the conversation.

with Love, Cheryl

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Video Transcript:

After the Heal Your Health, Heal Your Wealth Summit I got quite a few emails asking me to talk  about the Law of Action so that’s what we are going to talk about today.

The Law of Action is another ‘law’ of the universe … like the Law of Attraction and also like the Law of Karma [Read more…]