Avoid the 3 Common Mistakes

which most Holistic Practitioners (including Doctors) make that prevent their clients from responding fast enough!



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Spiritual Healer/Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Course Developer, Author

Hello … I’m Cheryl Ueding

Owner and founder of Soul Star Connections®, Emotional Rescue®, Shifting Gears® and the Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach programs.

I would like to congratulate and thank you for connecting with me and this opportunity to help others and yourself.

Congratulations ... and thank you!


Before I share the 3 common mistakes with you, I would like to share a little about myself to you so that you know where I have been and why I am dedicated to your recovery and not just the management of your health issue…

I have brought my life back from the depths of despair … locked in grief and being unable to see a way out … to living with purpose, on purpose and by purpose.

I have been crippled with allergies which could not be treated and classified by our medical institution as being ‘recalcitrant’ (which means too hard to treat) … and then told I couldn’t be helped.  

Shortly after that I lost one of my precious daughters to leukaemia which sent me in a spin

Not only did I have a health issue which couldn’t be treated but now I was in a position where I didn’t want to live … or more-so I didn’t know how to live any more.  

Survival and recovery of that experience became my greater challenge

This was the beginning of my dark night of the soul

I learnt that it was not what we thought in our heads but it was about what we felt in our hearts that would make or break us, that would make us healthy or sick, alive or dead.  

I began (unknowingly) to search for answers to life and found those answers in the non-physical realms of life

After losing my health and my daughter – and feeling like I was a failure as a Mother and at Life – I realised that I had to make a choice.

I had to choose between being Grief on Legs -v- a Bundle of Joy

I began to look at life differently … and then myself …and I slowly realised that the power for our healing and well-being lay inside … inside of us all … and not in a tablet or drug or a doctor or naturopath … or a hospital.

I began to see a connection between our emotions and our health and our life

… but I was still giving my power away

In order to survive and recover I had to reinvent myself and discard a lot of programming … other people’s programming as well as my own … and find myself.  And I did!

(If you would like to read my story in full, just click here … Cheryl’s Story)

Don’t neglect this!

Before you begin to read, just take a moment to close your eyes and say something positive to yourself for electing to receive this vital information.

Now … Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and imagine yourself sitting in a key position with the knowledge to change your client’s life in a powerful way … and feel the fulfilment and pleasure of being able to do so!

You can print this out and have it on hand to refer to, jot down notes if you wish, make yourself a cuppa and take some time to really let this information sink in.

Not only will this information change your client’s life but also yours


By the end of reading this, you’ll know:

  • The reason why both doctors and holistic practitioners get frustrated with some clients not getting better as anticipated

  • Why it is that the best treatments and most expensive medications – allopathic and naturopathic – will fail one client and yet be successful in another

  • The secret to permanent healing

  • How you can contribute to lessening the financial burden of sickness on both public and private purses

  • The #1 thing that is common to every single person… regardless of race, gender, culture, religion OR treatment… and which needs to be taken care of to achieve success in healing

Most importantly, I’ll show you how to avoid these costly mistakes and I’ll give you easy to follow practical strategies you can use right away to help your clients to respond fast to your treatment.

I’m going to list these 3 mistakes from 3 to 1 so you’ll want to read through to the end.  

Each one links to the next and taking care of the biggest mistake will completely change the way your clients respond to your treatment from the first day.

Did you know that, in the period 2003-2007, there were 8,783 cases of cancer alone diagnosed in young adults aged 15-29 in Australia* … that’s an average of 5 young people per day!

So, let’s get into it.

(*Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Cancer Series booklet no. 62 titled Cancer in adolescents and young adults in Australia)

Don't neglect this!

Don’t neglect this!


The 3rd biggest mistake is that they don’t get to the root cause of why the client has ended up in the situation that they are in. These doctors or holistic practitioners don’t change the why this person has developed the illness or the disease in the first case.

It has nothing to do with the quality of the product, treatment or service that is provided … but has everything to do with each individual client.

The client may have been given the best product, the best and most expensive treatment (in some cases it may have even been delivered free – most heart-based practitioners have done this when there’s been money issues … and our health care system operates on this pretence) … and they may have been delivered the best service … but, still, there is resistance within that person to healing and recovery.

The cause of the illness … or the why the person got sick … is still in there, locked away, and that person may not even be aware of it. Always, when they are dealing with a person physically, they are only helping them with their symptoms of the disease.  This can very often appear to be the cause but it is not the cause.

Have you ever had a client follow your strictest instructions – to the letter – supplied them with the best quality product, service, and advice that you know has worked successfully with many other clients, yet it fails with this one?

For example, a person who has an allergy can get a rash … or a runny nose or a distressed tummy. In the case of a rash, it causes an irritation and that can be very debilitating … particularly if it is located some place like the hands … and that, then, becomes the focus of healing or curing by the doctor or holistic practitioner.  The rash is treated and the allergy becomes the blame – or the cause.

But the allergy is NOT the cause

We need to know WHY the person has developed the allergy

If the person wasn’t born with the allergy then it has developed (or has been created) over the course of time during their life … and, I believe, anything that has developed can be undeveloped (or uncreated) … but we need to go back in time.  We need to go back into history.  This takes time.

We see this with cancer.  Many people are treated with chemotherapy for the exact same diagnosis … be it breast cancer, prostrate cancer, a brain tumour, leukaemia or any other form of cancer … and some people will survive and others won’t.

They all receive the same treatment, they all undergo the same process … perhaps even have the same complications … but one will survive and live their life long-term, another could survive, maybe 5 years until the cancer returns, others die during treatment.

When the cancer returns the treatment is very often ineffective and the person dies … either from the disease or from the effects of the treatment for it.

Mostly, people don’t truly survive long-term. I believe those who do survive long-term have changed the cause within themselves naturally, which we can do.  Most people don’t, however, because they are unaware of how they have created or developed it.

We also see this with naturopathy treatments … the person does all the right things to support and nourish their body. They make dietary changes – even lifestyle changes.  They get consumed with doing the right things – they might buy a juicer and start juicing and really change and improve what they put in their body.  They spend fortunes on the latest techniques and natural products … but the cancer still grows and the person still dies.

The disease returns

Illnesses like sinusitis, tonsillitis are also great examples.

The patient gets sick, takes the medication (allopathic or naturopathic), gets better for a time and then comes down again with another bout of sinusitis or tonsillitis next time their body is triggered into it.

What are the triggers?

We blame pollen, dust, chemicals, foods … and yes they do trigger, but the real trigger is inside the person in the form of a feeling or an emotion.

It becomes cyclic for the person

They get sick … take medication … remove the symptoms … get triggered again … and get sick again.

Diseases become cyclic … the big ones and the little ones.

These patterns are established and cycles are created within the energy field of the person.

So, where do the cycles begin and end?

This is not the case with all things … particularly handicaps … like a baby that is born with a handicap. This is a different set of circumstances altogether and has more to do with that child’s spiritual journey and the avenue that he/she has chosen to experience life through.  It is vastly different.

Likewise, with an accident leaving someone handicapped. It is not the handicap that needs to be looked at, rather the mental and emotional state of the person preceding the accident or impact.  This can be a short or long period of time.

Why did they match the accident? Accidents are a low level vibration and so is illness.

Why was the person a match for the low level vibrations at that point in time?

Epidemics, too, have a lot to do with the conscious beliefs collectively and are a little different. However, a person has the ultimate control of their immune system when they are aware that the possibility even exists.

If you don’t get to the root cause of a patient’s problem – and this goes for a health problem and a relationship problem – the person’s pattern in their energy field is not changed.

This pattern has been developed or created through the client’s consciousness (even if they are unaware of it) and it needs to be reversed.

When the pattern in their energy field is not changed the problem will keep on recycling

The pattern needs to be reversed with their conscious awareness to be permanent

Now, sinusitis and tonsillitis are diseases which will make you terribly uncomfortable for a while – they can be inconvenient – but they won’t in themselves be life-threatening … but chronic diseases and cancer are.

Chronic diseases can become so debilitating that the quality of that person’s life becomes questionable. Cancer kills.  Cancer destroys not only that person’s life, but it also affects the lives of everyone around them … in some cases a whole community can be affected.

I remember when my daughter died from leukaemia in Year 12 at high school.

It was not only our family that was affected but the whole school community.  Counselling was needed for her school friends and this, in turn, affected their families and the community at large.

There was a huge ripple affect and, with this, comes a huge emotional and financial cost to both families and communities

… in addition to the cost of the treatments themselves.

It affects everyone…   It affects whole communities

We live in a country that supplies free medical treatment to people who can’t afford it and in extreme debilitating, life-threatening situations … and this money has to come from some where.

I, personally, know the financial freedom that comes when health is restored.

Yes, there are costs for health prevention, awareness and support but it doesn’t have to go on year after year without an end in sight.

The cost gets less, not more

I remember being too scared to come off my Centrelink card … how on earth was I going to pay for my medications? I had 3 little mouths to feed at home and a low income.

The saving to our health care system is huge … and I am just one person.

This money could be freed up for education in every area and more positive community support.

We can empower people rather than supporting their victim-state

One way to find the root cause is to remember the very first time that the disease or illness first surfaced in that person’s life.   Then remember and explore what was going on in their life around this time … even a bit before.

Look for events that caused emotional disturbance or upheaval … whether expressed or not expressed.

The reason you need to go back a little earlier is because illness, just like wellness, takes time to develop. Some illnesses take a long time and some take a short time.  A general rule of thumb would be … a chronic illness has taken some time to develop and an acute illness has come on suddenly or recently.

A disease that has occurred in recent times is much easier to get to the root cause of than an illness that began a long time ago.  If the person was young when the illness surfaced, other family members may be able to help out here remembering, however if circumstances were strong enough to create an illness, then it was probably strong enough for that person to be aware of it.

Sometimes the roots are in previous lifetimes but I have always found that, when we deal with the current situation, past lifetime issues are sorted naturally.  After all, we re-create the same cycles because we bring our emotional bodies back in with us in each incarnation in order to overcome any specific weakness of the soul.

This is the journey of the soul

In really hard cases, a therapist skilled in recalling past events … even past lifetime events … can be called in to shed light onto a situation. You can be trained in this.

It is a skill that can be learned – we all have the ability to access our intuition


Don't neglect this!

Don’t neglect this!


The second mistake these Holistic Practitioners make is … they don’t change the neurological pathways developed in the brain of their clients … and the hooks that have been established as a result of the patterns and cycles created from the development of these neurological pathways.

The neurological pathway is established when a person experiences an event that has a sensual and emotional impact on them. It can be positive or negative.

These experiences create patterns that keep the person hooked into a way of reacting … physically, mentally and emotionally

They don’t change the hook that is holding the person bound to reacting in a pre-determined or pre-established pattern/way as a result of the root cause.


A person goes on holiday to a tropical island with a balmy, humid climate and enjoys him/herself in this environment and has many wonderful memories. He/she then returns home to a different climate.

The next time the weather turns balmy or humid at home, it reminds them of when they were on holiday in the tropics and he/she remembers the joyous feelings they experienced there.

This can also be the case with negative feelings and emotions


A girl is raped by a man wearing a balaclava and experiences intense emotional trauma. Afterwards, whenever she sees a balaclava, she can and will remember the feelings associated with the trauma that occurred when she was raped.

The balaclava gets a bad rap and becomes an object of dislike (consciously or unconsciously). Or the checked shirt… or the sunglasses… or whatever the trigger is.

Whatever it was that left the unconscious mark on her

Sometimes she will be conscious of this, other times not … she could have blocked out the experience consciously but it will still be in the sub-conscious.

The brain files events and experiences away in compartments (a bit like a computer) and subsequent events are filed away in those compartments (or files) according to the similar emotion, feeling, smell, colour, taste, touch or sound connecting it.

Sometimes the memories are joyful and life-giving

Other times they are distressful and life-destroying … even soul-destroying

Whenever a person has experienced trauma from a painful event, it is registered and filed away in the brain and, every time that person is confronted with pain that reminds them of that past pain (even unconscious), this new memory and ghost trauma can be filed away with the original painful event.

In time, these files get bigger and the trauma is compounded

The degree of pain that has been captured and filed away also builds up and the original incident can end up being very explosive! This is why people hold onto it.

A small event can end up being bigger than Ben Hur!

The person is now hooked and they are sub-consciously programmed to react in a way that can be inappropriate and leave them emotionally distraught without any real or apparent cause in their present life.

The person is trapped … trapped in an old experience, trapped in the past.

Not only are they trapped emotionally, but their body is trapped.

The memory of the experience exists in their cells and becomes toxic

The longer it is held there, the more severe it can become … and the greater the disease that can develop.

This is why people don’t always respond to the best medications, treatments and therapies – allopathic and naturopathic – that they are given.

This person is being held to ransom by a past experience

They are being held by the short and curlies!

You will find evidence of this when speaking and listening to clients.

Even though they may not consciously be making the connection, you can find the associations when they are speaking.

Look for any emotion that is surfacing

When listening to clients you can find threads running through their lives.

One of the best ways to train yourself is to notice this in yourself.  Start with joyful experiences.


  • Are you a person that always has to eat popcorn when you go to the theatre? How do you react when you smell popcorn in different settings?
  • Do you ever find yourself saying things that your mother or father said … whether you like it or not doesn’t matter?
  • Notice unexplained feelings when you go somewhere, especially at night, and see if you can link it to a past time in your life. This can be especially noticeable with fears. Phobias tend to originate in other lifetimes.


Don't neglect this!

Don’t neglect this!


The #1 mistake these Holistic Practitioners make is that they don’t release their client from the hook and the emotional hijacking which occurred as a result of the original and traumatic event or experience and which has expanded and piled up over time by the brain’s natural filing process.

They don’t free the person emotionally

It is vitally important that the trapped emotion holding this person to ransom is released and reversed. It is the reversing that severs and changes the neurological pathways – not the releasing. However it must be done emotionally.

Freeing a person emotionally is different from freeing them intellectually

A person can release their emotions and release their emotions, and release their emotions over and over again … and nothing ever changes. They can, in fact, spiral downwards over time doing this.  They ay be releasing but the hook is still in there and it is still creating and the person is still reacting to the original trauma.

They can get so caught up in their emotions that they become that emotion

They can become possessed by or addicted to that emotion and be unable to disengage from it in the same way that a drug addict can’t break free from cigarettes … or heroin … or ice … or an alcoholic can’t break free from alcohol easily.

I remember a time, about 2 years after the death of my daughter, when I was going through, yet again, another bout of grief. I had been grieving intensely. In fact, I had no real desire to even live any longer and certainly didn’t know how to do that.

I had been going around in circles with my grief and people were telling me that it was like an onion being peeled … and to some extent it is … but I was dangerously close to becoming Grief on Legs. I was so consumed with my grief.

This was a pivotal moment in my life when I realised I needed to make a choice and that choice was whether I wanted to be Grief on Legs or be a Bundle of Joy.

I had enough knowledge and expertise on board at that stage to cope … but only just.

I still needed help.

This does show you, though, how releasing the emotions is only part of the solution

 …It solves nothing without reversing it

Likewise, a person can talk about their experience … and talk about their experience … and keep on talking. They can talk about it until the cows come home … and often they do. They will understand their disease or issue inside out.

They will understand the impact that it has had on them very well … They will understand everything there is to know about it … but they will still have it.

The reversing cannot be done intellectually

It must be done emotionally

When the events of the past are extremely traumatic, when the disease is dangerous and life-threatening, we need professional help as the re-surfacing of this pain can trigger temporary emotional instability. Severe trauma can push a person over the edge.

This is why some doctors tend to prescribe anti-depressants

Unfortunately, anti-depressants are designed to make a person not be able to feel their feelings.

The person then becomes numb to their life-force and this numbness that occurs compounds the problem.

Some times it makes them not want to live

This is because the person is so disconnected from their life-force

A person needs to be able to feel in order to connect emotionally and be freed

It needs to be remembered that the person is only experiencing a memory and is not in the experience, but even that memory is having a powerful impact on him/her mentally, emotionally and physically.  It can even temporarily increase the symptoms of an illness.

If the memory can produce such a physical reaction, then it can be seen just how devastating the original experience was. In some cases the experience can be literally killing them.

Emotional Rescue® is brilliant here

The beauty of Emotional Rescue® is that it both frees the person and disconnects the neurological pathway in the brain.

Emotional Rescue® will disconnect the neurological pathway 

… instantly and permanently

Of course, the person has the ability to recreate the same experience again but, if they have instigated the desire for the release, that is unlikely to happen.  However, it can happen if they are not ready to release it and someone else is pushing them.

If this is the case, we need to look at the dependency for it … the need for the person to hang onto it. A simple way to determine this, is to find out what they are getting emotionally or physically by hanging onto the pain/experience.

It could be a need for attention, it could be a need to not be responsible … it could be anything but there will be a dependency to that emotional experience.

If someone is pushing a person, then they are not yet ready to let go.

They do not feel safe enough and this is what needs to be attended to first.

The way to free the person from this emotional hijacking is through

the Emotional Rescue® process

© Cheryl Ueding 2015 


Don't neglect this!

Don’t neglect this!


If you feel a calling to help people in a bigger way with the Emotional Rescue®

technique, please contact me personally:


Phone Cheryl on:   (08) 85640412  or  0409694993

or email me at cheryl@soulstarconnections.com.au


It is my desire that the Emotional Rescue® process gets into the hands of as many other practitioners such as healers, teachers, counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses and in as many varied professions as possible for massive planetary healing.

I would like particularly to see people in mainstream positions who are the primary contact for people seeking initial help use this information so that it can be of benefit to many people and take the burden off our health-care system.

I believe that, by making emotional support/freedom a primary consideration in treating people rather than just letting them tough it out or put another band-aid on (usually in the form of a drug), we can lessen the financial burden that is currently hijacking our health care system. By just putting band-aids on, we compound the person’s problem, we compound the burden and cost to families and society at large.

If you would like to be trained in the Emotional Rescue® process, you can find out more about my Practitioner Training which I offer jointly with the Shifting Gears® Facilitator Program by simply clicking on the link which will take you straight there.

If you feel a calling please contact me

In the meantime, you are welcome to download and enjoy the free audio …

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Here’s what others have said…


“The work I have done with Cheryl has catapulted me into a world of possibilities. It has been a journey that has required some tough work, bringing up a lot of emotional baggage that I now realise was holding me back. The power of the work Cheryl does is nothing like anything that is available mainstream including our medical system, professionals such as Brenda Burfordpsychologists,counsellors and the like, and the education system, and I clearly see the need for the healing process that Cheryl is able to provide and teach, in almost daily interactions with others.

Once we get back to the basics and connect with our inner selves everything makes basic, perfect sense.”

…Brenda Burford, Renmark, South Australia

I found this enlightening, powerful, emotional and life-changing. 

It gave me so much to think about and work on.  I had shifted some old negative programming within the two day workshop.  Quite amazing. Thank you so much. 

PastedGraphic-1This was just what I needed and was a great wake up call to the ways in which I have in the past focussed on negativity which has bred further negativity. 

I had some guilt that I was holding on to which completely shifted after doing the one on one emotional rescue and has helped in my current relationships.

Sally Tapscott, Gawler, SA

This course has brought me to a place where circumstances in my life have changed for the better within days.

Relationships with friends and in the workplace have taken amazing turns for the better now that I am in a place of peace and love. The workshop has provided me with a safe environment to work through some more challenging issues and move beyond them.

Coming out of the course I feel uplifted and in control of my life and future again. Thank you for the opportunity to remember the brightest and best version of me in a loving safe environment and a short period of time.

I cannot speak highly enough of Cheryl and her work.”

Rebecca Clarke, Largs Bay, SA

“I attended the workshop as I knew that I had issues buried deep inside that were affecting my life and came to life in my emotions and reactions to situations. With Cheryl’s guidance and the support of those attending the workshop I was able to release these emotions in a comforting and supportive environment.

I have learnt so much about myself and have an even greater appreciation of just how important it is to be positive in life and that life is and will always be what we think it is, we are the creators of our life and we always have choices.

This workshop showed me how to focus on the positive.

Cheryl Fuller, Kapunda, SA

Wow, what a wake up call!

“I was at a stage in my life where I wanted to get over issues in my life.

I now have the tools to use for not only doing that but for every day life

… thank you Cheryl xox

Vicki Hayter, Williamstown, SA

Attending the workshop has enriched my life and more importantly it has taught me how to focus on the positive.  

Your voice has echoed through me on several occasions and I thank you for delivering over two days something that will forever remain in me.”

Cheryl Fuller, Kapunda, SA

I have learnt so much about myself and am continuing with my personal journey.”

Sharon Burge, Canningvale DC, WA

I would really love to hear from you

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