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Show Me the Money

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Are you holding yourself back from giving to the world because …

“You can’t afford it ?”

If you long to do something creative … something passionate … something fulfilling with your life and you are holding yourself back because of a lack of money …

Then I want to ask if you:

  • think doing what you love is frivolous and a luxury you just can’t afford
  • believe you have to slog your guts out to get enough money to buy necessities
  • hate what you are doing now in order to just survive
  • value cold hard cash in your life
  • know money is the root of all evil?

You see … your answers to these questions (and others like it) will determine whether or not you actually see money in the form of available cash in your life to do those things that your heart desires … and which your soul is deeply longing to express.

“Welcome to your dream…”

Hi … its Cheryl here

and if you haven’t heard me before … I am passionate about helping you to understand how your patterns and programs that you have developed from your life experiences are shaping and formulating what shows up in your life … including cold hard cash.

I have developed the Shifting Gears® and the Show Me the Money Home Study Courses specifically to look at this and to give you the opportunity to discover, identify and remodel those programs if you wish.

If you are like me you will easily understand that we all have the right to be healthy and happy … and to love and be loved … and when that is not happening we will willingly look for an answer to it.

“But what about the money …?”

Do you feel that you have the right to have … and … spend money freely?

Or … are you caught up in a vicious cycle where you feel you have to:

  • “Are you only half here?”

    Give up your dream of living your soul purpose

  • Refrain from going on a holiday because you don’t want to come home to face all the bills
  • Wake up at night in a panic not knowing how to pay the mortgage … or the rent?
  • Watch your children struggle (like you) instead of being able to help make their lives easier?
  • Drive around in a car not working properly because you are too scared to check it out because of the possible cost?

… and yet you have a powerful desire to have and do things differently?

Imagine what it would be like to do all this without feeling guilty … without making things worse for yourself … without being up to your neck in debt?

Do you feel that you should be grateful for what you have now and not expect any more? And, if so, who said so?

Are you willing to look for the reasons you may be programmed to not be able to do what you truly desire?  Do you even realise that your programming could be preventing you from living exactly how you want to?  This programming has been instilled in you by your ancestors, your community, the society in which you live and by your life experiences … and most of that is unconscious.

Do you know what they are?

Do you know how deep they run?

Some of them are as old as Methuselah … they date back for eons!

“Thanks to Cheryl’s workshop, I have realised that money is another form of energy and as a result transformed some long held limiting beliefs.  I am happy to share my prosperity now and know that I am rewarded with an abundant flow xoxo”

Rebecca Clarke, Largs Bay, SA

It is not so important to know where they come from as what they are … because then you have the capacity to change them … and to reprogram yourself.

If you are like me … you will also be thinking that money is the root of the world’s problems … that it is the reason we have wars … and so on … and so on.

Well that is the old me.  That is how I used to think until I realised my sub-conscious (and unconscious) attitudes, beliefs and programming were keeping me apart from all the good stuff in life … and that, at the deepest core, the problems of the world at large are beliefs in insufficiency and scarcity which lead to wars.

“The is the path to the life you’re dreaming of”

Imagine what it would be like to …

  • Get paid for doing what you love doing
  • Work in an occupation where you are fulfilling what you came here for
  • Choose what you really want to do
  • Sleep at night knowing the bills are paid
  • Holiday with your children and have fun
  • Live with financial freedom and peace of mind

The Show Me the Money program is designed to free you up so that you can!

Yes, I had found out how to heal myself and I had found out how to live a happy life …

“but what about the good stuff?”

… the luxuries … the holidays … the things that cost more than the average wage!

Life was still a bit of a struggle for me even though I had overcome these things … I now had desires to do more than just sit at home (or work for someone else) or to just put the essentials on the dinner table.

I had a desire to let others know they have ultimate power and control in their health and in their life … especially in their minds and hearts … but I was so stuck in ‘poverty’ programming.  I had just lost one of the single most precious things of my life (one of my daughters) so what did I care about money now!

Well, it was almost a relief to not care any more … it certainly started me looking outside the square.

It was like a bolt of lightening that hit when I realised … I was the one stopping everything.

“Doing things the hard way!”

Sure it looked like we had money – I was very good at buying things secondhand (clothes, furniture, doors and windows for houses).  But oh what a struggle – everything had to be fixed up, cleaned up and restored before it could be used.  This was painful.

Problem was it seemed like this was the only way – nothing could come easy and now I no longer even wanted these things.  They were ‘material’ and they seemed immaterial after having lost a daughter and the will to want to live.  There must be an easier way!

When I did eventually decide to stay around I found the things I wanted had bigger price tickets.  Things like my own car, things for my children to make their lives easier … a Healing Centre for others to learn how to heal themselves.

“Bingo … the light’s gone on!”

It was during the healing and rewriting of my life that the light-bulb went on for me and I realised that the same programming which had been preventing me from being well and happy was now preventing me from pursuing my dream.

Well, I had to take care of my programming – and still some.  I had to change so many of my attitudes and my programming around money it wasn’t funny … and I had to change how I felt about how others saw me. I could no longer expect others to feel sorry for me … I had to show others that it was OK to have money … what a turn around!And that was how this program was born … Life was no longer about the essentials.

My journey of empowerment had begun with my illness (multiple allergies – seasonal, perennial, chemical and food) and then came the loss of my middle daughter, Amanda which was a make-or-break time for me.  Either I survived this experience or I didn’t – and for 2 years there was no guarantee.  I didn’t even know how it was possible … but I took it one day at a time and many days it was an hour at a time (sometimes just minutes).

My survival as a human was at stake because suicide felt an easier option and there were moments when I didn’t want to live.  The hardest thing I have ever had to do was to stay on the planet and physically survive that experience – but I did.

The next step on my journey was recovery from this experience.  Survival and Recovery are 2 different things and 2 different journeys and that was the beginning of my true empowerment, my true independence, my true survival both as a physical human being and as a spiritual being.

It wasn’t all that far along my Recovery road that it became evident for me that I had a burning desire to share what I had found with others … so the healing of myself turned towards the healing of others … and I would spend long hours talking, ‘doing’ healings and Emotional Rescues® and ‘saving’ others from the depths of despair.

“But what about having an easy life?”

That is when I woke up and realised my beliefs in poverty and my attitudes towards money were actually keeping me apart from that.  What a wake up call!

Along my way of recovery … and along my way as a spiritual teacher … I learned 2 important things.  The first was:

  • It became evident to me that working and helping people for free was going against my mission … I was limited with the number of people I could help and it was not the best way for me to work … I was in fact being a ‘martyr’.

The second was:

  • True empowerment embodied working for ourselves … when we give up the notion that we have to work for someone else … when we give up the notion that someone else has to look after us financially.

“Loving your Dream means loving Money”

The seed of business was born and the knowledge that business is the way we get to leave our ‘mark’ on this world our life purpose … which is a desire inherent in all of us.  I needed to embrace the concept of self-employment and business and change a lot of old programming.  And so Soul Star Connections came to be … it allowed me to take something horrible in my life and make something precious from it … it allowed me to live with and on purpose.

The Show Me the Money Home Study program is an extension of the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course and both expands and complements it.

It is designed for you to find out what programming you are running on and how you may be sabotaging yourself and holding yourself back from living that life you dream about … from living that life with purpose.

It is designed for you to find out what you really want out of life …and what’s stopping you from achieving it.

This home study program is designed for you to uncover the sub-conscious programming around money and push through the barriers which are keeping you apart from your dream.

It is designed to show you the money!

The money workshop built on the Shifting Gears workshop and showed me about changing my focus to an abundance. Thank you!”

Sally Tapscott, Gawler, SA

When I see people struggling with their health and life issues, I nearly always find that they will have issues with money too … they will be juggling everything!

They either …

  • “Where’s it coming from?”

    don’t have enough to make ends meet

  • don’t have enough to pay for their ‘desires’
  • can’t afford to pay to understand why their life is like it is

or they are …

  • so locked into ‘money’ programming they do not trust anyone or anything and so it all goes on and around in a vicious circle.

But which came first … the chicken or the egg?

In all of these beliefs is where I was stuck and it was painful.

Life was no longer about health and happiness.  Life was about what was I going to do to make it worthwhile being here.  I needed money for this and I needed large amounts.

First I had to foster a desire in me for cash … and that was difficult.

I found I could have things easily if they didn’t actually cost cold hard cash and I was good at manifesting that … but now I needed cash.  The stakes were higher and the sums were higher.  It was no longer about putting food on the table, clothes on our backs and windows in houses.

I had to get out of my comfort zone and get really comfortable with the idea of having money … and lots of it.

I also discovered that is what everyone needs … to feel creative and purposeful and to be able to fulfil that purpose.

“And what is it going to cost me … and can I trust this?”

“… And what about all the people who have been ripped off in scams?”

Oh, the programming we have surrounding money is just unbelievable!

Maybe you have bought something and been deceived?  My questions to you then would be:

  • “Is that experience now clouding your thinking?” (a perfect example of sub-conscious, sometimes conscious, programming)


  • “Is it stopping you from buying something else?”

Well …


  • Everything in life is a risk so it makes sense to educate yourself and that is what I want for you. Educate yourself. Know yourself.  Understand yourself. Trust yourself … only then can you trust life.Understand how the universe works, how and why things happen as they do… only then can you be in a position to navigate through life in control.It cannot happen by trying to control others and/or life.It can only happen when we understand how this universe works.


  • If you are being held apart from your dream this world is being disadvantaged.The world will profit and expand when those in it are achieving their dreams … for it is that very mechanism that is expanding the world.To have a desire and achieve it is the very foundation on which everything is built.  To have a desire and not achieve it goes against this.


  • Money is the way we exchange goods and services in our society.  It is the way we have created to easily exchange both goods and services.


  • You need to be comfortable with money in order to have it.  If you are not comfortable with giving goods and services, then you will not receive the same comfortably.  You will be holding yourself apart from those goods and services.


  • Money provides you the avenue for you to do your soul’s work.  You are meant to be using money to this end.  If you have connected with your soul ‘purpose’ you will need to be able to create the means for you to do that.

Yes … Show me the Money!

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“Show Me the Money”workbook and audios


In the SG Show Me the Money Home Study program you will …Become independent of others’ programming

  • Free yourself from your negative patterns
  • Learn how you sabotage yourself
  • Own a goal/dream that you have

What is included in the SG Show Me the Money Home Study program?

You will get …

  • Contents/Index page for easy reference
  • The material that is needed for you to do each exercise
  • Unique meditation audios
  • Exercises to discover your money programming
  • Worksheets for you to record your information, responses and discoveries
  • Bonus meditation audio for you to recharge yourself

The Show Me the Money Home Study program is designed for you to work on at your own pace. It is my wish that you find out what it is that is holding you back from living the dream you came here to live.  I know only too well how much our early programming holds us back in life and it is my desire to help you uncover and abolish yours.

If you feel you would need extra support, there is intensive mentoring available for those registered in the course.  Please contact me if you feel you need this (at additional cost).

The Show Me the Money Home Study program is designed for people who want more in life … for those who want to contribute to life … for those who want to give up being restricted in life … it is for those who really want to be able to find out what is holding them apart from their dreams.

“Which will it be today… car? house? life?”

If you feel like …

  • There’s never even enough for those extra things in life
  • You can’t afford a nice holiday
  • Are driving around in a jalopy which is costing more in repairs than its worth
  • You will never be able to live in a nice home

or … If you …

  • Have  established many of those things the hard way and now want to live easier or more purposefully and your financial desires are now greater than what you have expected of yourself previously
  • Have a dream that requires you to bring in more money than you are used to in order to fund your dream

or … If you answer Yes to any of the following …

  • Do you feel guilty about having and spending money freely?
  • Do you wake up at night in a panic not knowing how to pay the bills on the table?
  • Do you feel envious of people who go on luxurious holidays?
  • Do you feel that you should be grateful for what you have and not expect any more?
  • Are you ashamed of having worked so hard all your life and don’t have anything to ‘show’ for it now?

… then this program is for you.

I invite you to have the courage to stand up and be counted …

I invite you to stand apart from the crowd and to be a provider in life rather than be a dependent in life … and that will surely require more cash in your life …

I invite you to live a better quality life.

Yes … Show me the Money!

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This program is not for you if …

  • You cannot conceive that there is a link between how you think and feel about money and the amount of money you receive in your life


  • You are not willing to change your ideas about money

If this is not for you … please do not sign up for the course.

The program is about you … the ideas you have (conscious and sub-conscious) pertaining to money and what you can do to change the impact this has on your life.

It is about discovering what is holding you apart from money.

We all have the right to be here … to do what it is that is in our hearts … and to be a contributor to life and to others … and this usually requires access to money in ways that we are not used to.

We all came here with a desire to create, live with purpose, generosity and wealth.

Money is the vehicle through which we achieve our goal(s).

Show Me the Money!

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My NO RISK 30 day MONEY BACK Guarantee …

If, after you receive your program and within 30 days, you decide this program is not for you … or it is not what you thought it would be … just drop me an email and I will cheerfully refund your money … so there’s no risk to you.  Just email me your completed worksheets from the exercises and meditations and I will refund your money.   I will respect your decision and your honesty.


“What is this going to cost?” I can hear you saying.

Well … not what it is costing you right now to not know this!

In a Nutshell …

SG Show Me the Money Home Study program

In the Show Me the Money home study program you get to understand how and where your sub-conscious programming and emotional blockages were created and you get to rewrite them.  You get to create a goal/dream and free yourself from any negative influences surrounding it.


That’s a value of …

SG Show Me the Money Home Study program (Downloadable) $297
Total Value… $297

All for the price of …



$297 $97 (4 day offer) … that’s a saving of $200

The SG Show Me the Money Home Study program is covered by my 30 day Money Back Guarantee should you decide it is not for you … or it is not what you thought it would be … so there’s no risk to you.If you are ready to find this out … click here …

Show Me the Money !

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Risk Free Acceptance Form

I understand that I will receive:

  • Downloadable Shifting Gears® Show Me the Money Home Study program

I also know that this program is covered by your generous 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you are taking all the risks!

$297 $97 AUD (4 day offer)

PS …

I know how hard it is to not be able to do the things our hearts want to do because we are limited by money so my intention is to help you discover both what it is in your heart and how to bring the cold hard cash to you.

The Show Me the Money Home Study program is designed uncover and rewrite this sub- conscious programming and to help you realise your heart’s dream.