Shifting Gears & Emotional Rescue Facilitators Program

Shifting Gears & Emotional Rescue Facilitators Program


You may:

  • Have a really deep desire to help others, feel called to be a Leader, want to make a difference in their lives but don’t know how to begin or where to start;


  • Already be helping people in your chosen career and just want to add the Emotional Rescue® work, workshops and spiritual training to your toolkit.

The underlying intention needed is a deep desire to make a contribution to this world and her people … and you are ready to act on that desire. You may be feeling both excited and scared at this prospect and this is normal for you will grow too. The fear stems from moving out of your comfort zone and this is truly necessary for personal growth and soul evolution.

“I don’t think I can remember a time when my head felt so clear. I’m just speechless. I feel like I’m getting to actually know myself and I really like this chick!“

Rachael Anderson


Hi … I’m Cheryl Ueding and it’s wonderful to welcome you here

I often hear from people about how powerless they feel when their clients/customers whom they are helping for totally unrelated purposes express their thoughts and feelings and it is apparent they are suffering from emotional distress and/or trauma. They feel deeply for them and their heart goes out to them yet they are restricted, they feel their hands are tied as they don’t know how to help them. Often, they don’t know where to send them and, even more often, don’t know what to say.

Imagine how that feels

Are you in this position?

Finally, a step-by-step system you can use to help your clients break free from emotional distress/trauma in a way that is empowering for both them and you

"What can I do?"

“What can I do?”

You may feel you have a calling and you may probably already have a trusting relationship with the person but you just don’t have a method to help them that you know will really work.

You worry you may end up doing more harm than good simply because you don’t have a system to help them that you trust will get the results you desire – which is a release from their pain.  It can make you feel so powerless and even inadequate which is far from the truth.

Imagine how it would feel if you had the skills, the tools and the system to help your client break through

Imagine you had a way to guide them expertly and lovingly in a way that empowered them to change their lives … a system you know that worked because you used it yourself and got results. In fact got more than results, it got you emotional freedom, it got you passion, got you purpose … it got you your life back.

If you feel that it is your calling to help others in distress I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery which you can then share with your own clients and feel fulfilled

You may already be working with people and seeing partial – even good results – yet still feel you don’t have the training/skills needed to help these people who are in their most vulnerable state. Sometimes you can be helping people and when you feel unskilled it can bring fear in … then you may feel that you will make their situation worse and hold back – thus holding them back too. You may even take on their problems, feel responsible and yet inadequate at the same time.

Imagine what could be possible if you had access to a group of people and network who are dedicated about releasing trauma

These people are working in varied fields but have a common goal of helping others lift themselves (and their vibration) permanently … and who want to evolve spiritually themselves fast. People who have a common goal of helping others cure/heal the cause of their health and/or life problem(s) and not just band-aiding it.

"Why do they do that?"

“Why do they do that?”


Do you see potential in your clients yet they don’t seem to break free?

They may seem to go around in circles with the same issues, the same reactions, the same problems and the same experiences simply because they are carrying trauma and emotional baggage deep down inside. They may even sabotage themselves just when they get close to breaking free.



Are you:

  • or have you been put in a position where you feel like you are trying to rescue people and then end up feeling like you are carrying them all (on your back)?
  • tired of feeling restricted and go home at night wondering how your clients will be while you are not there?  Or whether or not you have given them the critical help that they needed?

Do you lay awake wondering?

Imagine how you would feel if:

  • You just knew the trigger that could arrest all of this … for both you and your client!

Imagine (just for a moment) if:

  • Your clients were no longer dependent on you … or our medical and welfare systems … and they were able to live powerfully and positively fulfilled in each and every day without the need to be dependent on someone else

Imagine if you had the tools and skills to help them do this

If you have a passion for:

  • Helping others
  • Understanding the connection between your body, mind and your spirit
    Get to the top of the mountain yourself first and then pull others up

    Get to the top of the mountain yourself first and then pull others up

  • Promoting self-empowerment in others as well as yourself

If you have a desire to:

  • Teach people how to change their lives positively and successfully
  • Run your own business from anywhere while at the same time promoting self-empowerment in others
  • Choose how you work with your clients – it could be:
    • Privately with one/one coaching and healing
    • Groups with workshops/retreats
    • Globally with phone and internet
    • Remotely while you are living a country lifestyle or even nomadically
  • Be part of an effective support network in your community
  • Be part of the change of consciousness on the planet

If you share with me those aspirations for yourself and others …

this is my invitation for you to join me in the first

Emotional Rescue® & Shifting Gears® Facilitators Program

Shifting Gears® and Emotional Rescue® work hand in hand and is a safe and effective system for achieving these break-throughs. It will give you the resources you need to be able to effectively get the breakthroughs that you desire without developing a dependence on me – or your client developing a dependence on you. It will give you the confidence to work with others and help them achieve their breakthroughs.

Shifting Gears® complete with the Emotional Rescue® work will allow you to not only help your clients but also give you skills when you want to offer more support to colleagues, family members … in fact, to anyone whom you recognise as needing skilled emotional guidance and support.

It is safe, effective and powerful … instant and permanent

“Your Shifting Gears workshop gave me the basic tools to expand on what I had already learnt and really apply it all in a way that worked for ME. I’d never had that before. Everyone telling me what to do or how and when that just wasn’t reaching what needed to be awoken most in me. That simple workshop did.“

Naomi Michaela, Dutton, SA

Teaching/helping others is the most powerful way I have experienced of developing and growing myself. It is not a one-way exercise. It is the way that I have found to keep me on track … to enhance my mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

As my clients have developed and grown, so have I.

You could be a:

      • Counsellor
      • School Teacher
      • Reiki Practitioner
      • Healer/Teacher of any modality
        What hat are you wearing?

        What hat are you wearing?

      • Massage Therapist
      • Yoga Instructor
      • Chiropractor
      • Doctor
      • Nurse
      • Physiotherapist
      • Nutritionist
      • Weight Loss Coach
      • Gym Instructor
      • Clinician
      • Bank Clerk
      • Check Out Operator
      • Service Attendant
      • House Cleaner
      • Mechanic
      • Lawyer
      • Carpenter
      • Electrician

The common thread is a deep desire to want to make an impact on this world and help others achieve their full potential – or to just help them get back on track when life has dealt them a blow and they have gone off track.

Whilst not everyone feels a calling to teach personal development there are many, many, many people that want someone to help them. And, let’s face it, that’s where I started … at the bottom of the pit and not even looking up. Were it not for someone, somewhere, capable of giving me a helping hand with expertise I doubt I would be sitting here now writing this.

What will this training do for you?

Through this training you will:

  • Discover how to release trauma permanently for someone – and yourself;
  • Understand why people are so tied up in knots when negative experiences have occurred and how to get to the root of it;
  • Get help on how to incorporate this in your own business no matter whether you are a counselor, healer, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, reflexologist or any other health professional – even a doctor;
  • Receive confidence to stand out from your peers;
  • Be part of a group and have management skills that enables you to give the best to your client;
  • Receive expert guidance on living your own life from a much higher perspective – your soul. Advanced Practitioners will be offered the opportunity to teach my powerful Living Authentically 12-week program on spiritual awareness, evolvement and practicality in life.
jumpmountain 250

You will be jumping for joy!


The Shifting Gears® and Emotional Rescue® work, along with the Living Authentically and the Be Your Own Healer/Be Your Own Life Coach programs, is a powerful system to enable you to do this. Not only will you be able to lift yourself to these heights, but it will show you step-by-step how to do this for others.

You will receive personal training in it by myself. Your study involves working on yourself under my close guidance and releasing yourself from your own emotional baggage thereby clearing and lifting your own vibration. This can be done relatively quickly and painlessly.

This is the first requirement of becoming a licensed practitioner of Shifting Gears® and Emotional Rescue® … you must be familiar with the work and be prepared to do it on yourself first

Physician, heal thyself”

… Luke 4:23 Bible (King James version)

The commitment you make is to yourself. When you are able to do this then you have the depth of knowledge and skill to not only help others but to help them achieve their highest potential and live their lives passionately, purposefully, powerfully and profitably as every area of their life – their health, relationships, career and wealth – are all interconnected and are operating with the same energy and cycles established within that person.

You will know first hand how this energy works and you will know first hand how to get the answers to help another person. You will be working under my guidance and have access to a system that is powerful and successful – it works. It is tailored to suit every individual and not one in which all sizes are expected to fit. The Shifting Gears®, Emotional Rescue®, Living Authentically and the BYOH/BYOLC programs are all designed to find the answers within each individual which are all different. It is not “one size fits all”.

Intrinsic in all of this work is the Emotional Rescue® process which you will

need to be acquainted and proficient with

This work has taken me many years to develop and perfect and is now available for those who are either already helping people or who have a very deep desire to do so.

As a Facilitator/Practitioner, my expectation will be that you will be able to deliver not only the Shifting Gears® workshop and home study course coaching but also the Living Authentically 12 week course and the Be Your Own Healer/Be Your Own Life Coach home study course coaching.

Who is this not for?

This program is not for you if:

  • You are convinced that your problems are someone else’s responsibility (like a doctor);
  • You believe your problems have been caused by someone else (like a parent partner or friend);
  • You are not willing to face your emotions;
  • You believe that healing and spiritual knowledge/work should be free.

This training is not a journey for the feint-hearted as it requires a level of integrity and honesty within yourself, but it will lift you to a height where you can look at life and feel the magic in it. It will require you to develop yourself a business-head as you will ultimately be working for yourself. The rewards for this are…

You can:

  • Work from home (or anywhere else)
  • Live a nomadic lifestyle
  • Live in a country atmosphere and not be regulated to a big city unless that is your desire
  • Work with people privately in a one-one situation
  • Work with people in groups/retreats
    Help and teach others to heal themselves

    Help and teach others to heal themselves

  • Work with people globally via phone and internet
  • Live a balanced lifestyle with your spirit and ego
  • Continue to expand yourself vibrationally
  • Get together regularly with other like-minded people
  • Be a part of the global change on this planet in a constructive way
  • Have credibility and access to resources and marketing
  • Forego the time and cost of developing something like this yourself

Why am I wanting you to do this?

Why am I wanting to share this with you?

Why am I giving away all my secrets?

Because … I cannot do this alone. For many years now I have been doing this extremely successfully but the number of people that I can help is very limited and very restricted. For healing to be generated fast, and even more powerfully on our planet Earth, expansion needs to take place. That expansion requires you. It requires you to be furthering this work outwards. Only when others can pass this knowledge and expertise on then will it do it’s job as is needed.

This is a powerful system which enables you to live purposeful and profitably … and powerfully. The satisfaction that comes from spending time with another person and shifting them from wherever they are stuck is so great that there are no words to adequately describe that feeling.

My promise to you is that you will never be alone doing this work. I will only ever be a phone call or email away. You will have available to you all the material that I have and have access to … and then more. This work is constantly expanding. You will also have help with business and marketing strategies.

So … if you are feeling like you have a calling to help make a difference in this world or in the lives of others … if you want to be a difference-maker … I invite you to join me to undertake what could be the most rewarding work you ever do.

I invite you to stand up and be counted … today

Not tomorrow or somewhere down the track … but today. No matter where about in your life you are now, no matter what is being dished out to you personally right now, no matter what ideas you might have about yourself being inadequate or incapable or lacking in knowledge or expertise. No matter where your self-esteem may be on a scale of 1:10, all can be changed.

With the Shifting Gears® system we only move forwards and upwards and you will be helped first and foremost. Out of your experience comes the expertise, confidence and skill to make you one of the most powerful teachers available and it is all guided and stepped out for you.

Rachael head small“I think Shifting Gears® should get published. It should reach out to everyone and I should be on the best sellers list. I love it that much and you are such a gifted writer.I’m up to my neck in it! I’ve had such a revelation about me its amazing … it really bloody works. You know, every day I see you I thank the universe for bringing you into my life but I have never felt that more than today. It will be published Cheryl I just know it and I’m really excited for all the others it will touch.”

I was up until 12.30 last night doing my SG. I’m addicted at the moment and it feels really great.”

Rachael Anderson, Gawler, SA

You will experience the Emotional Rescue® process yourself individually and know first-hand how powerful this is in instantly and permanently releasing your from old experiences and traumas … no matter how or when they occurred.

You will receive guidance on how you to incorporate the Shifting Gears® and Emotional Rescue® work into your existing business if you have one. If you don’t, you will benefit by my guidance in helping you establish your own. It is win/win.

Show Me the Money HSC

Show Me the Money HSC

Because it is vitally important to be aware of your mindset regarding money and your financial situation I include the Show Me the Money Home Study Course with all Practitioner Training.

I feel it is mandatory work that you need to do and which is often overlooked thinking that it’s not about money.

Your programming on money will hold you back in almost every area of life and I feel it is essential – so it is my gift to you.


Here is the main structure of the Facilitator Program

This is a one year program.  It begins with the Shifting Gears® 5 day Retreat.

Shifting Gears HSC

Shifting Gears HSC

You will experience:

  • The powerful Shifting Gears® 2 day workshop
  • The SG Show Me the Money 1 day workshop
  • The Emotional Rescue® process

You will receive:

  • The SG Home Study Course (hardcopy) including
  • Show Me the Money Home Study Course and the
  • Cellular Memory Discovery Journal


    The Be Your Own Healer, Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course

  • Free pass to the BYOH/BYOLC 5 day Retreat where you will receive more in-depth training in the Emotional Rescue® process and other aspects of this course
  • Facilitator Manuals (electronic) for

Shifting Gears® 2 day workshop

Show Me the Money 1 day workshop

Shifting Gears® 8 week course

  • Revision of your case studies (you will be required to complete 30)
  • Certification and Licensing to practice Emotional Rescue® & Shifting Gears®
  • Accreditation with the Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Provision for insurance coverage through IICT
  • Link to and listing on my website as a Facilitator of E/R and S/G
  • Inclusion in my private Facebook forum just for Practitioners/Facilitators to share and support each other
  • Guidance incorporating these programs into your business (existing or new)
  • Access to Soul Star Connections® products wholesale to on-sell in your coaching (eg Shifting Gears® and Show Me the Money home study courses)
  • 12 months Mentoring with the home study courses and in the application of Emotional Rescue® and Shifting Gears® in your business

Your 12 months Mentoring includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour Private consults with me (by phone or in person) designed specifically to use for Emotional Rescues with yourself
  • 12 x 30 minute Private phone consults with me
  • 12 months email access to my private email account

If you are ready for a career that makes a difference in the lives of others and you would like to be part of the expansion of Soul Star Connections® I invite you to contact me and register your interest in becoming a Practitioner of Emotional Rescue® and a Facilitator of the Shifting Gears® program.

If you would like to join me please do so now

You are invited to become a Facilitator of Shifting Gears® 

and Emotional Rescue®


I would love to shift myself and give to others powerfully

I would love to shift gears myself and give to others powerfully


Phone:       Cheryl … (08) 85640412 | 0409694993


These modalities enable people to rise above their emotional baggage fast and enhance self-empowerment in its true form – living in sync with their life-force.

The courses have been recognised, and accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

You will be certified and licensed to facilitate and use the names Shifting Gears® and Emotional Rescue® which are trademarked by myself along with Soul Star Connections®.

You will personally grow by:

  • Living the relationship between the physical/human you and your life-force … which is living balanced with your spirit and your (human) ego;
  • Understanding and managing the Law of Attraction in your life;
  • Raising your own vibration and also that of your community;
  • Mastering yourself as a human and spiritual/energy being;
  • Clearing your own personal baggage and continuing your own journey of healing and becoming whole whilst assisting others with the same;
  • Continuing to learn/expand yourself … as there is no greater way to learn than by teaching that which you most desire to know;
  • Experiencing the joys and benefits of coming together with other like-minded people to share knowledge and skills.

You will become more evolved



I would love to shift myself and give to others powerfully

I would love to shift gears myself and give to others powerfully


Phone:       Cheryl … (08) 85640412 | 0409694993



Emotional Rescue® is a powerful process which ends the effects that any old trauma may be having either on your health or your life experiences – it ends it once and for all. It is instant and permanent. It changes your patterns and cycles at the cellular level.

I only do these sessions now in special circumstances – my focus is now on teaching others this work so they, in turn, can help others and in this way more people can be helped … so this is really, really valuable and a rare opportunity.

Join me now … and be one of the change-makers on this planet

Be supported by others with the same intention.Be guided by those who are doing it.Be loved.

Be part of a powerful global network for change happening right now.

Be part of the transformation occurring

Realise how beneficial any personal challenges you may have had are to both your personal and global transformation.

As I reach my hand out to you, so you too will reach your hand out to others … who will, in turn, reach their hands out to others … and so on. Only in this way can the healing and transformation so needed be attained quickly and that is my desire.

I would love for you to connect with me and be a part of this global transformation


Join me now in this awesome transformation.




I would love to shift myself and give to others powerfully

I would love to shift gears myself and give to others powerfully


Phone:       Cheryl … (08) 85640412 | 0409694993


PS … 

If you have previously purchased the Shifting Gears®, Show Me the Money or the Be Your Own Healer, Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course, simply let me know and I will deduct your cost of that purchase from the price of this program… it can’t get any better than that!


Be a difference maker … be it now … don’t wait for that perfect time because there will always be more for you to learn, grow and evolve.


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Teach others to discover their own personal power too!