Shifting Gears 2 day live Workshop – old

What’s your Dream ???

Is it …

Living in a state of wonderous, vibrant health … every muscle of your body freely moving … every bone strong and carrying you along … every cell dancing joyously in your blood stream … your immune system so strong that you are invincible ?

Is it …

Living in a partnership that oozes love, oozes with romance … one that you are more than just happy and content … one in which you are fulfilled and at peace both within and without? How would it be if you truly loved being with the person you are living with … and that may very well be with yourself ?

Is it …

Having the best job in the world … and what is that best job ?  A career which you have longed for in your heart and put on hold ?

Is it

Working your own businessdoing what you absolutely love ?

Maybe your dream is …

Having a vibrant, loving and joyful family and children ?

Maybe its …

Travelling the countryside … or the world … perhaps even working while you are travelling … visiting and meeting different people, cultures, new experiences ?

Can you imagine what it would be like to live this way ? …


Living life to the fullest … in fun … in laughter … in love … and with financial responsibility andpersonal freedom ?


How would it be if you knew how to not be sick … how to un-program illness from your body ?

How would it be if you knew how to stop attracting those duds in your life ?

How would it be if you got paid for doing what you love … all day every day ?

How would it be if you were creating all that you wanted physically and emotionally ?

How would it be if you woke up in the morning eager to jump out of bed and embrace the day … and knew that it would be soooooo good, soooooo interesting and soooo new ?


Do you even know what you want out of life ?

Maybe life has just got so darn hard, you feel you are sooo stuck in negative **it and maybe you can’t seem to find your way out of it!  It seems so hard to think of anything positive and the possibility that there could be daylight just around the corner seems so impossible … is this where you are ?


Are you living with …

  • a relationship tearing you apart?
  • a chronic health issue you can’t get on top of?
  • depression?
  • workplace issues?
  • physical, mental or sexual abuse?
  • grief?  fear?  loneliness?
  • self-doubt, criticism or judgement?
  • people pushing your buttons?

Are you bogged down with problems, illnesses, a boring job … or no job … or perhaps a partner that causes you grief ?

Which one of these faces is yours ? …

😳 👿 😥 🙄 😡

Are you suffering in silence?  Are you existing, not living?

😳 🙄 😥 👿 😡

So … what’s stopping you from achieving your dream ?

What’s stopping you from living joyfully and creatively ?

What’s stopping you from living powerfully and in control of your life ?


In my experience the problems are your patterns … your programming … your baggage that you are carrying around with yourself.  Sometimes its conscious … but more often its not.

Did you know that most of your programming was instilled within you before you reached the age of 5  … and who can remember that ?

I believe that our problems stem from inside of us … and even when it is conscious it can be sooooo hard to unhook from them.  How depressing!


Have you had enough of living this way ?

Are you ready for change ?

Are you ready to take control of your life and your life experiences …

I also believe that the solutions are inside of ourselves … and therefore we do have the power and control available to make those changes.


Would you like guidance to do this … fast ?

Then … join me in a transformational 2-day Shifting Gears® workshop … understand why these issues have taken hold … find out what you can do about them … and discover how you can shift them !

You will …

  • discover the secret to changing your cellular memory
  • remove old programming blocking your relationships and health
  • find that sparkle of joy existing in you again
  • take home a step by step guide to resolving issues
  • learn to feel love, joy, creativity and vitality again

You will …

  • re-discover your personal power
  • shift from problems to solutions


If you feel that you would like to shift gears in your life … get off that old platform you have been living … or should I say you’ve been stuck … on …

If you are ready to toss the baggage and transform your life …

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and take the reins of your life in your own hands in a confidential space … then join me in this powerful, loving, compassionate and nurturing 2 day event with other people the same …


What is it ?               SHIFTING GEARS® 2 day Workshop / Retreat

Whenis it?


Whereis it?              Soul Star Retreat Barossa Valley … 19 Moorundie Street, TRURO  SA



Call or email me now to make a booking …


Ph:  Cheryl(08) 85640412 / 0409694993



I would really love to be able to help you make your shift !


Numbers are limited as these are very small workshops so this is NOT one of those events that you can put off responding … You will need to act fast to secure a place … If you feel the call to participate please phone/email me … I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This is an experiential workshop … we don’t just talk about the change – we do it!


Some accommodation is available with Soul Star Retreat but you will need to be even quicker for that (and some has already gone – there is one room left) … Please ask for our special rate for attendees.

Oops … I nearly forgot the cost!

How much is this opportunity worth to you?


How much do you think YOU are worth?  … are you worth investing in? … I think so (or I wouldn’t be doing this) …

This may well be one of the most critical questions of your life as the impact and ripples from your answer could be determining your future experiences.

If you think it’s a lot you are going to be wrong … the cost is $395 … and it is ridiculously cheap for the opportunity of a lifetime to clear yourself.

It is …

  • a chance to be free from old fears, programming, emotions and baggage
  • a chance to be able to understand where / why your patterns were formed
  • a chance to re-invent yourself and your life

Your investment is 

Act NOW to secure your Change in your Life !


The contact details …

Ph:       Cheryl(08) 85640412 / 0409694993




The date …


The location …

Soul Star Retreat Barossa Valley19 Moorundie Street, TRURO,  SA,   5356


This is a chance to …

RECLAIM your POWER in your LIFE … in just 2 DAYS !


“ Shifting Gears has been a life changing experience for me … coming out of the course I feel uplifted and in control of my life and future ”

Rebecca, 30, Manager






Owner & Developer of Emotional Rescue and Shifting Gears


Discover your own …


and your own …


Happiness doesn’t depend on what something looks like to your mind …
Happiness depends on how you look at something with your mind …


Read what James had to say …

Shifting Gears’ Workshop conducted in Truro, South Australia on 12th-13th February, 2011 …

In February it was ordained by energies aligned to my own that I participate in the ‘Shifting Gears Workshop run as a retreat at Truro in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. The 2 day workshop is delivered by Cheryl and Holger Ueding who’ve created Soul Star Connections in Truro with a mission to nurture others through training and coaching in self-empowerment and healing techniques.

Shifting Gears is a structured program of information, storytelling, self-reflection, meditation, partnered and group work that is the distillation of the work that has enabled Cheryl to transform her life and honour the call from Spirit to assist others to fulfil their potential. The workshop draws of the work a large and diverse group of avatars who’ve provided the tools for earthly souls to achieve transcendence.

What occurred over the 2 days was an exploration of ways in which to engage with the self to uncover the ‘stuck points’ in one’s lives that prevent us from being fully present and unable to fulfil one’s potentialities. Each participant would have an individual and possibly very different slant on what was gifted to them over the course of the workshop and how it has supported them to continue the process of change post 13/02.

In the weeks since the workshop I continue to be surprised and delighted by the changes I’m bringing to my universe with the application of the techniques demonstrated. I’m discovering that some of those aspects of my history which till now have seemed to be superglued to the soul are softening and receding in terms of influence.

My ‘achilles heel’ has been around shame and the inability to forgive self for past actions. In spite of a life lived in which I have overwhelmingly honoured my call to consider the interests and wellbeing of other living things as well as my own, I yet remained haunted by old incidents which, by their size and cosmic import, should not have kept me shackled to my past.

I continue to delight in the way in which through the application of the ‘tool kit’ gifted by Cheryl, those tough nuts to crack – shame and guilt are losing their power to exert influence in the present. Those other tough nuts – forgiveness (self and others) and unconditional love are also  being worked upon and shifts are occurring there too.

I am grateful for the heightened understanding of how endless judgements, seemingly of every situation, are that to which the negative feelings and emotions attach. Identifying those old judgements and associated energetic ‘stuck points’ in my life and doing the decommissioning work on the old negative power sources is proving to be of great assistance. The benefits are immediate and the ‘work’ continues.

The above reflections have relevance to the Connect readership as Cheryl and Holger intend to establish a Soul Star Connections base in FNQ in the near future and are keen to deliver training here in the meantime.  I highly recommend the Shifting Gears workshop to anybody needing to develop or add to their ‘tool kit’ of techniques to help propel them toward self-actualisation.

Article appeared in Connect Magazine, April 2011