Select Your Outcome

A note from Cheryl …

Well we are back from our “month off” that we took to facilitate the Shifting Gears 3 day workshops in North Queensland and, although still dealing with the aftermath of our epic adventure, I can’t help but reflect on what happened and our outcome.

For those of you who don’t know, we left Truro (via Murray Bridge) on Saturday 3rd September just gone headed for Melbourne to see Kim, Daniel and our little Erika who was born in July.  We spent Sunday (Father’s Day) with them and the Monday while we waited for our brakes to be rectified after having been left not connected from work done just prior to that in Adelaide (and for those of you who don’t know that story some very precious mice ate all the wiring under the bonnet of the Landcruiser and left us with a bill totalling $19,474 and a few cents).  That had meant Holger needed to manually apply the caravan brakes when braking during the Truro-Melbourne leg of the trip (less than acceptable!).

Tuesday saw us join the Big 4 Caravan Parks Association again and head out of Melbourne for 4 days travelling to Townsville in our new caravan and on her maiden voyage intending a holiday.  Just 5 hours down the road Cheryl takes the wheel and rolls the car and caravan.  The caravan developed a “wobble” and as 2 semi-trailers were approaching her very closely it was her instinct to slow down as she felt the loss of control with the van.

The wobble instantly developed into a “sway” and Cheryl and co were now on the other side of the road in front of the semi.  The steering wheel was very hard to now turn and Holger and her pulled it around to get the car back on the right side of the road.  In the same moment, the caravan hit the dirt on the Newell Highway, NSW, just 65kms south of West Wyalong and near the Ardlethan turn-off, and pulled us off and over, the back end hitting a tree during the flip over.

We came to a rest, it was very dark and we were hanging upside down but very tightly strapped in the car and covered in glass.  We looked at each other and asked each other if he/she was ok – both answered yes – and then Holger unlocked his seat belt and fell to the floor which was the ceiling of the car with a bang.  He laughs about that now, but if you are ever in that situation don’t do it – he could have broken his neck in the process!  Cheryl wasn’t doing anything – she was focussed on “assessing the situation”.  Someone helped Holger open his door and get out and I could hear talking so I knew there was someone “out there”.  Holger told Cheryl to “turn the car off” which I did and then a man called Kent opened my door and helped me out.

It was the 6th September 2011.

I had a large “tennis ball” on my head where the roof of the car collided with me and some neck/chest discomfort.  But I could see, hear, feel, smell, talk and walk.  Holger had some sore ribs from the seatbelt.

Holger came around and we looked at our beautiful new caravan which was upside down, crushed, split open and my $400 coat lying on the ground!  I needed to pick my coat up – that urge was very strong.  I didn’t know then but it would be my warmth in hospital.

Many people gathered around us in disbelief.  What they must have witnessed I can only imagine for we were on the inside and they were watching from the outside.  It must have been a sight for we do not think that the sides of the car or van touched the ground!  Holger had the presence of mind to turn the gas off for the caravan to avoid any problems with leakage there.

I could feel nothing but gratitude in this moment for not involving any other people in the accident.  Just us.  I can’t tell you how strong this feeling was.  And the gratitude I felt for the people who gathered around us – and I particularly asked who it was that helped me out of the car and what his name was – Kent – and thanked him again.

About 30 minutes later the paramedics turned up who wanted to take control of us.

They were concerned about my neck (and rightly so) and wanted me to sit down, not move and give up.  I could feel my power being taken away and I had to do some quick thinking and action.  I needed my computer, business bits, and mobile phone from the car.  Holger needed his mobile phone.

I could see we were not going to have control of this situation as I was being taken to hospital for precaution and now had a neck brace on. I also wanted my jewellery box which contained my pearl that Holger and Amanda had given me on our 2005 trip to Darwin.  I remember telling the paramedic who was very nice “not to take my power away”!

I felt responsible for the mess, I didn’t know what was going to happen – how it could be cleaned up – and I felt very, very grateful for the help that was going on around us.  But I felt very strongly that I needed to keep my wits about me.  I felt even more strongly about the urgency to get to North Queensland to deliver the workshops even though my family suggested otherwise out of concern and fear.

We were both transported to the Temora Hospital which gave us great care, great consideration and a bed for the night.  Thepoliceman Matt attendingcame to visit me about 12.30am that night – straight from the smash scene.  It was not cleaned up completely until about 2.30am I believe (a process of some 9 hours) and our caravan was now in 2 halves and, to quote the

policeman, “totalled”.  He told us to “salvage what we could”.  What we didn’t know until we saw it was that it was now in a million bits and completely smashed up.  Both the car and caravan were transported to Wagga – about 120kms away and on 3 trailers.

We spent the night in hospital without the need for any medication but needed to arrange some x-rays.  Late the next day the hospital discharged me and arranged transport for us to Wagga to connect with the wreckage – still with my neckbrace on.

We were not really prepared for what we saw but had help from the smash repairers, Batkin and Damme, in giving us wheels for the night and pointing us in the direction of Bunnings to get plastic boxes.  We started picking things up out of the rubble.  Everything was covered in rain, glass, mud or foodstuffs.  It would have been easy to walk away – but not responsible.

About 7pm we found accommodation and had some tea – the first real food for 2 days!  Got up early the next morning for a 7am start to more salvage and the heavens had blessed us with no rain overnight.  Located some cardboard boxes and sorted and sorted through the rubble.  Amazingly we found most things and very little was actually broken.  We sifted and sifted.  Somehow I received a very black eye!

The smash repairers helped us choose a vehicle to transport our “salvage” home in the form of an Avis rental truck which made it easy.  We spent a couple of hours cleaning that night and the next day we drove 12hrs back to Truro in the truck with our “stuff” and realising we were starting a new chapter in our book of life.

Cheryl never went to bed that night as they had decided to offload the gear and drive back up in Cheryl’s car – and that meant work.  Well, the washing machine went all night and we got much mud, glass and wet bedding, clothing and goods cleaned up.  The heavens blessed us again with sunshine the next day to dry the majority of what had been cleaned but we were still at it.

It became evident that if we did drive up I would be too tired to deliver the workshops effectively so we looked on the internet at airfares.  Jetstar had some cheap flights and we booked instantly.  Now I needed to reorganise the workshop bits as there was a limited amount which I could take on the plane.  So, another night with no sleep for Cheryl.

By now I was starting to feel a bit funny, a bit sorry for myself (almost a victim!) and I had the offer from one of my teachers-to-be for a healing!  At first I thought I didn’t need it and then I realised that it would be a good idea to move this emotional stuff prior to delivering the workshops.  So I accepted.  It was a little premature but it worked and I released the pain and received some amazing energy – thanks to Bec.

The next day we took the rental truck back and caught the plane to Cairns – and we made it.  The next day I woke up feeling like a bus had hit me – and it sort of had.

I had been running on adrenalin since the accident and now that had stopped and I was feeling the aches and pains of the impact.  That day we just wandered the streets of Cairns doing nothing in particular – which was probably the best thing.  It was now time to recover.

We drove up to Port Douglas and Daintree and then delivered the workshop over the Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Cairns.  I was not without more processing as Holger needed to facilitate a healing for me on the morning of the Monday prior to the workshop!  Not usually done during the workshop time – an emergency one!

Tuesday we decided to experience the Skyrail up to Kuranda and then bought a mystery accommodation package on the net in Port Douglas.  We ended up at the Sea Temple with a king size spa – first port of call!!!!  – and booked a second night.  By now I decided I needed to attend to my physical body and booked in for a massage before we left Sea Temple.  That was an amazing massage and the girl was trained in some very unusual stretching techniques – which was, again, just what I needed.

Now to head for Townsville and to meet up with a very dear friend of mine, Diane and her partner, Terry, and with whom we stayed with for our time in Townsville and to get ready to deliver the Shifting Gears 3 day event there.

Once again, I was in the right place at the right time, for Diane offered her skills as a healer and the use of her “Scanner” which directs “vibrations” into cellular tissue where there is any trauma – for a better explanation you will have to ask Diane!!  I showed Diane how she could use the Emotional Rescue process in conjunction with this and between the two of us we got into some very deep “Amanda stuff” which was stuck in my shoulders.

Delivered the workshop, spent a lazy day there afterwards – bought my dress for Bec’s wedding which we needed to be home for – and then drove back to Cairns to catch the plane home.  We slept in the carpark in Cairns until the airport opened and flew back to Adelaide where Kim, Daniel and Erika were waiting to greet us – having journeyed to Adelaide to show everyone (the family) little Erika.

Then home to Truro and to prepare for Bec’s wedding.  More travelling to McLaren Vale and another night in a hotel!!  But a wonderful event.  I was privileged to bless their marriage with a reading for them and to share their special event and night.

Now … home … back to work for Holger and more cleaning for Cheryl.  Where on earth is she going to put the stuff now?  What about the Retreat?  More questions and more work.  But the answers were coming on their own now too.

AAMI, the insurance company involved with the caravan, had already settled the claim on a cash payment which was waiting in the bank for us when we got home.

The assessor rang to say that the car had been deemed a total write off and that was good news for us too.  We had no need of the car without the caravan.  It was starting to feel like the way was being opened up for the purchase of our Queensland retreat property which Cheryl had fallen in love with almost 3 years ago.  RAA, the insurance company for the car, was waiting for the blood alchohol test which had been taken in the hospital to come back to finalise and settle the claim but it seemed the sample was still located at the hospital (a month later!!).

Then came a phone call the next day from the RAA – they were going to settle without the blood alchohol test on the provision that if anything showed up in it we would refund the money.  They granted our request for a cash payment in lieu of a new car.  It would have to be someone else’s blood for something to show up in it!

Then came the phone call from the policeman who attended the scene to say he had recommended that “no action be taken against me”.  I had been prepped to expect a charge of negligent driving because (1) I had been transported to hospital and (2) the car had needed to be towed away. This seemed so unfair but I had surrendered it.

Now … reflection … and I cannot overestimate the power of selecting an outcome.

I can’t help but think about what Spirit has shown me previously.

Those of you who have participated in the Living Authentically course (or Healing Your Spirit) would know that I have talked about the “Book of Life”.  I call it a book but it really is a chapter (topic for another time).

In the Book of Life there is a beginning and an end – birth and death as we know it.

The moment we are born we are faced with a single choice – whether to breathe or not.  And it is a choice – and it is one which we all have to make regardless of sex, race or creed (or anything else for that matter).  Then we are faced with another choice … and another … and another … and another.  The choices are endless as long as we exist.

It has been shown to me that ALL CHOICES are already in existence and that all we are ever really doing is SELECTING choices.  All choices will lead us forward but some take us around in circles and those of you who have seen me draw this diagram realise how we can be going around in circles in life.

So … all choices are already in existence – everything exists in the unified field (or the infinite field of possibilities – or the divine matrix – or God – or whatever you want to call it).  Nothing is new.  All our inventions are just people channelling or pulling in information from the ethers and with some unseen help.  They are connecting to this information and bringing it in – they are not the makers of it.

So, all we are ever really doing to SELECTING CHOICES … selecting OUTCOMES.

When we make a choice to go down a certain pathway, we remove all other choices (of course we can change our mind).  But, if we are mindful of our choice and keep on moving in the direction of the outcome which we want (and expect) we will stay on that pathway and the choices that open up to us will be relevant for that pathway.

The most important choice you ever have to make is the choice you make as to the OUTCOME you want in ANY and EVERY situation.  CHOOSE YOUR OUTCOME FIRST and then support yourself responsibly according to that outcome.

This in no way suggests avoidance of your situation, rather gather all your actions, choices and move in the direction of your outcome.

Our situation had the makings of something potentially violently and horribly disastrous – all the way along it.  And that situation also existed in the unified field.

It was up to us to move it in a different direction and that required working with the vibration of love and appreciation (also gratitude).  It required a single mindedness of what it was that we wanted – what our intention was and is – and to carry that out.

It required us to not let in the expectation of the mass thinking that exists.

It is not chance … it is selection.

No matter what Life seems to deliver you can steer the outcome by your choices, your reactions and your responses – and your single mindedness.

Sometimes you may be unaware of what your choices actually are and this is where it is so important to select your outcome – the choices will then be put before you.  But, if you believe in limitedness then that is what you will experience.

The result of our situation is a perfect outcome physically, emotionally and financially.  We have had no medication, we have no on-going medical issues and which means no drain on community resources.  We are not disadvantaged financially – we feel that the whole world is open to us.

You are … we all are … a powerful selector with unlimited choices

What is your selection?  What is your intention?  What is your choice?  Define it!


Cheryl Ueding

6 October 2011