Re-Claim Your Power and Re-Vamp Your Life Home Study (d)


with the Shifting Gears Home Study Course  (digital download)


Do you feel like you are Dancing Your Own Dance in Life?

or… are you dancing to someone else’s song?

If you feel like you are:

Living according to someone else’s rules

Saying “how high” when someone says “jump”

Dancing to someone else’s tune

… then I would like to help you get OFF that platform

and I would like to invite you to:

ReClaim your Power…

ReWrite your Story

…ReVamp your Life

This is my invitation for you to reVamp your Life circumstances

…whatever they may be

This is my new life!

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to:

Live in a state of wondrous, vibrant health with every muscle freely moving, every bone strong, every cell dancing joyously in your blood… your immune system so strong you are invincible 

Live a partnership that oozes love and romance… more than just happy and content… one in which you are fulfilled and at peace within and without… even if that partnership is with yourself

Have the best job in the world… or that career longed for in your heart and which is on hold

Can you imagine what it would be like to:

Work in your own business… doing what you absolutely love

Create a vibrant, loving and joyful family / children

or Maybe you would like to:

Travel the countryside (or the world)… even work while you are travelling, visit and meet different people, cultures, have new experiences?

Imagine yourself (just for a moment):

Living life to the fullest… in fun… in laughter… in love… with financial responsibility and personal freedom

Can you really imagine what it would be like to live this way?

I would like you to know that, no matter where you have been in the past

…you do not need to shape your future on it!

Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to take control of your life and your life experiences?

If the answer is YES… then put your boots on because

the keys to changing your life are inside of you

…and the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course will show you how to unlock the unlockable


Hello… Cheryl here

owner and founder of Soul Star Connections, Emotional Rescue®, Shifting Gears® and the Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach programs.


I have brought my life back from the depths of despair… locked in grief and being unable to see a way out … to living with purpose, on purpose and by purpose.

There is life after the most tragic of experiences… from the deepest pit there is a way out  and if you need a hand up I would like to show you the way.

I have been crippled with allergies which could not be treated and classified by the medical institution as being ‘recalcitrant’ (which means too hard to treat)… and then told I couldn’t be helped.  Shortly after that I lost one of my precious daughters to leukaemia which sent me in a spin.  Not only did I have a health issue which couldn’t be treated but now I was in a position where I didn’t want to live or, more-so, I didn’t know how to live any more.  Survival and then recovery of that experience became my greater challenge.  

I began to look at life differently… and then myself… and I slowly realised that the power for our healing and well-being lay inside… inside of us all… and not in a tablet or drug or a doctor or naturopath… or a hospital.  I began to see a connection between our emotions and our health and our life… but I was still giving my power away.

In order to survive and recover I had to reinvent myself and discard a lot of programming… other people’s programming as well as my own… and find myself.  And I did… now I no longer believe in illness and disease and I no longer need any form of medication.  February 1999 was the last time I took any form of tablets or medication (except for some minor surgery in my mouth where I had the anaesthetic and 2 panadeine at that time).

If you would like to live again in freedom

with personal power… with meaning… in joy… in love 

…then I can show you how 

The blocks to living this kind of life are inside of you… and so is the solution

Shifting Gears Home Study
Workbook and audios

If you feel:

Overcome with grief… fear… loneliness… depression

Torn apart in your relationship

Consumed with self-doubt, criticism or judgment

Controlled by others pushing your buttons

Plagued with a chronic health issue you can’t get on top of

…then I would like to invite you to work through the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course where we get to the bottom of this and dissolve it so that you are free to move on and enjoy life.

So that you are:

Free to make your own choices

Free to live with purpose and with meaning

No matter where you are… no matter what you are going through…

no matter where you have been… there is a way out

I would also like you to know that the cause of your problems are inside of you.

They are there in the form of:

OLD hurts

OLD trauma

OLD programming (which goes back for eons)

and because they are there inside of you… you are able to remove them

in fact, only you can!

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course it is designed to unlock the keys inside of you.  It is designed to get to the bottom of and dissolve your baggage so that you are free to move on… free to make your own choices… free to live with purpose and with meaning.

It will shift you from that lonely pit to again having a dream… to being able to feel like you belong… to being able to feel that there is a reason for your existence.

This home study course has been developed from the powerful and transformative 2-day Shifting Gears® Workshop and from private one/one sessions where I have successfully helped hundreds of people from all walks in life and with all sorts of life and health issues move through their emotional blocks and access the power inside of them to turn their lives around… and I have witnessed major shifts with them.


“I am more focussed on the positive things I want in my life…

I thank you Cheryl for opening my mind and heart.”

Clare Portis, Tanunda SA

Bingo … the light’s gone on!

“Shifting Gears has been a life changing experience for me.

This course has brought me to a place where circumstances in my life have changed for the better within days. Relationships with friends and in the workplace have taken amazing turns for the better now that I am in a place of peace and love.

The workshop has provided me with a safe environment to work through some more challenging issues and move beyond them.

Coming out of the course I feel uplifted and in control of my life and future again. Thank you for the opportunity to remember the brightest and best version of me in a loving safe environment and a short period of time.

I cannot speak highly enough of Cheryl and her work.”

Rebecca Clarke, Largs Bay SA


My aim is to help as many people as possible understand how much power they have… and how this can dramatically alter their life and health circumstances for the better… but there are restrictions with live workshops.

Home Study Course -v- Live Workshop

This workshop has been held in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns but travelling is limited because there are sooooooo many places with people wanting help.  People have travelled from Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns and many rural areas throughout Australia to participate in a live workshop, however the number of people who can attend is limited because this work is private and intense and then there are the costs involved in attending a live workshop.

The expenses associated for people to:

  1. pay for the workshop
  2. travel to the Barossa to participate in the workshop
  3. pay for accommodation while they are participating
  4. pay for additional food costs being away from home
  5. costs to co-ordinate and manage their responsibilities while they are away from their home, their family and their employment to be able to attend

can end up costing thousands of dollars and, while the results from a live workshop are exceptional and considerable, this has registered a strong desire and demand for a cheaper and easier way for people to access this program.

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course has been born from this demand

Shifting Gears Home Study
Workbook and CDs

You can access this program:

No matter what hours you work

No matter what your family situation is

No matter where you live

No matter what your problem is

For a fraction of the cost of attending a live workshop

In the privacy of your own four walls

You can still access me for those times should you need to

…I will be there with you along the way, should you decide

My wish for you is that you are singing your own song… dancing your own dance

It takes courage and it takes dissolving fear

…and that is what this work is about

only then will you be on your road to recovery and truly dancing to your own tune

What will this course do for me?

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is designed for you to uncover your sub- conscious programming… the programming which was instilled in you by others who had it instilled in them by other (albeit well-meaning) but sometimes less evolved or less educated people.  These can be family members, school teachers, it can be religious people, scientists, historians… and it varies greatly from culture to culture.

This programming is on board prior to the age of 5

and pretty much runs your show (life)… until you wake up to it

It includes your prejudices and your judgements… but are they really yours?

“I found this enlightening, powerful, emotional and life-changing.

It gave me so much to think about and work on.  

I had shifted some old negative programming within the two day workshop.  Quite amazing. Thank you so much.

This was just what I needed and was a great wake up call to the ways in which I have in the past focussed on negativity which has bred further negativity. 

I had some guilt that I was holding on to which completely shifted after doing the one on one emotional rescue and has helped in my current relationships.

Sally Tapscott, Gawler SA

This course gives you the opportunity to identify, change and re-write both

your programming and your story if you want

When I see people for the first time, I usually find:

They are stuck in a relationship somewhere (whether it is in the home, the extended home/family or in the workplace) and they just can’t seem to find a way to stop negative abusive behaviour coming at them.

They have spent long hours and a lot of money on counselling, on doctors bills, on books trying to understand it

It is always someone else’s fault

Does this sound like where you are?

There’s no way out

It was for me.

It wasn’t until there was no more help available medically that I began to seriously look at my life and what I could do about it.

It wasn’t until I lost one of my precious children that I woke up… and it wasn’t until I nearly left first.

It would have been an easy option to have left the planet!

Well, there’s no power in that.  There’s no growth in that… and there’s certainly no joy.

Since getting myself back on track, since healing my allergies… and my life… I have been privileged to work with people in all sorts of situations and get their lives back on track.

I have found that, although their life and health challenges vary greatly, the road back remains the same

It will give you the opportunity to reVamp your Life

Wow, what a wake up call!

I was at a stage in my life where I wanted to get over issues in my life. I now have the tools to use for not only doing that but for every day life … thank you Cheryl xox”

Vicki Hayter, Williamstown SA


I know how to do it now!

“My awareness of things is much deeper and I am keeper of my thoughts and emotions and find myself analysing myself often.

I attended the workshop as I knew that I had issues buried deep inside that were affecting my life and came to life in my emotions and reactions to situations. With Cheryl’s guidance and the support of those attending the workshop I was able to release these emotions in a comforting and supportive environment.

I have learnt so much about myself and have an even greater appreciation of just how important it is to be positive in life and that life is and will always be what we think it is, we are the creators of our life and we always have choices.

Attending the workshop has enriched my life and more importantly it has taught me how to focus on the positive.  

Your voice has echoed through me on several occasions and I thank you for delivering over two days something that will forever remain in me.

Cheryl Fuller, Kapunda SA

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is designed for you to reVamp your Life

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is designed to wake you up to that power force that is living inside of you.  It is there all day, every day… but do you know it?

Whether you know this power or not, whether you have done any personal development work or not, this home study course will awaken you to yourself… to your own gifts… to that power-force inside of you.

I can show you how to free yourself from your condition

Why does everything always end up the same?

Why am I telling you all this?

In my experience the problems in our life can be directly connected to our cyclic patterns within us.

Have you every noticed that the same things seem to happen again and again?

Do you date the same sort of person and end up with the same sort of experience?

Did you marry someone like your father? …or your mother?

It can be directly connected to your sub-conscious programming which creates your patterns … and did you know that most of your programming was instilled within you before you reached the age of 5… and who can remember that???

It is my experience that all the counselling, all the books, all the doctors can’t free you from your ‘baggage’… from these cycles.

This freeing must be done experientially.

Yes, you will understand what is wrong… but you will still have your condition, whatever that is.

I know that your condition is directly related to your emotional well-being… mostly from a long way back!

I also know that only you can free yourself but that you need help, you need guidance

you need it from someone who knows… who has been there and who knows how to do it

I can’t take it anymore

I know first hand what it is like to:

Live constrained to medical conditions

Just be existing and not living

Not be fully engaged in life’s joys, in life’s pleasures

I know what the bottom of the pit is like

I know what it is like to have your heart ripped open

Because I have been there… I can show you the way out

Why should you choose the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course?

Why should you even choose to change your life circumstances?

These are very valid questions … after all, it has been said … better the devil you know!

Or … let’s leave sleeping dogs lie!  Really?


Has anyone ever said that to you?

Maybe you say it to yourself?

I would call that more programming (and yes I said it to myself once upon a time but not any more.  I have learnt to only want the best now!

So, you asked the reasons

One … life is for living joyfully, purposefully, meaningfully and generously

Two … vibrant health is for enabling you to do the above

Three … relationships are to express the love you have inside of you

Four … working in your passion allows you the freedom to be living your love

Five … how much more money are you going to spend on drugs, potions, or talking it out?

Six … knowledge is power and, once you have it, it is always yours

You too have the power to reVamp your Life!

What is covered in the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course?

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course provides you with the guidance to uncover, examine, discard (or keep if you want) old programming that is not serving you.

You will:

Discover the secret to changing the cellular memory in your body

Remove old programming blocking harmonious relationships, joy and wealth

Find that sparkle of joy existing in you again

Uncover what is in you that can allow you to live with purpose and meaning

Re-vamp your life to whatever you desire

Reclaim the power in your life and live from this power base

Gain tools to shift from ‘problems’ to ‘solutions’ in any situation

Shifting Gears Home Study
Workbook and CDs

You will get:

All your text material (approx 150 pages)

A complete overview of content of all modules for easy reference

Approx 13 unique audios

4 stand alone modules which build on each other

Bonus Meditation audio for you to recharge yourself

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is divided into 4 modules.

The course is designed to be worked on over a period of time of not less than 4 days.

Each module comprises:

Contents and Index page so you can see and find what’s in that module

The material that is needed for you to learn about each topic of the course

Unique meditations pertaining to each particular module

Audios to help guide you with your healing and discovering

Exercises for you to explore the topic of the module

Worksheets for you to record your information and discoveries

A Summary and a Preview of the next module

The program is designed for you to work through module by module and, although each is a stand-alone module, each one builds on the previous module.  Once you have completed the course each module will act as a stand alone reference guide for that particular topic.

“I have just listened to the ‘Inner Child’ CD from the Shifting Gears home study. Wow!

What an experience.  I went through a whole array of emotions. I didn’t realise just listening to Cheryl’s voice on CD could be so powerful.

I have dragged my feet getting into my home study, but I am now ready to work through it.  Thank you Cheryl. Xxx”

Belinda McCormack, Angaston SA


You too can reVamp your Life!


In a Nutshell…

Module 1:  Knowing & Understanding your Energy … $247

Here you look at yourself as a conscious energy being… both a physical and non0physical being.  This module gives you an understanding of the impact of emotions in your body and how this emotion brings your experiences to you.  You discover how the use of your energy and the power of your choices can either be detrimental or beneficial to you.

Module 2:  Dealing with your Baggage… $247

Module 2 really gets in touch with early programming in your life and gives you skills that you can use anywhere to identify what this programming is so that you know how and what you need to change.


Module 3:  ReWriting your Story… $247

Module 3 connects your emotions to your health issues and shows you how to change the story in your body and thus your cellular memory.  You get to retrieve energy which you have lost connected to this… and you discover the true purpose of your emotions.


Module 4:  ReVamping your Life… $247

In module 4 you look at what it is that would truly make you happy and you learn how to create this.  You get the opportunity to revamp your old life into whatever it is that would make your heart sing.  You choose.


Total Value… $988

All for … $597 … a saving of $391

Compare this to what others have paid to travel to and attend a live workshop!

NOW for the next 4 days only…

you will be able to purchase this Home Study Course (digital version)

at a discounted price of…

$497 (4 day offer)

…making your total savings $491


Yes! I truly want to re-vamp my Life

If you are ready to do this just click below

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Who is this for?

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is for everyone who wants to find out why life is stuffing them around, regardless of what their situation is.

If you feel like:

You are in a relationship that is tearing you apart

People are pushing your buttons

Just can’t take any more!

Or you have:

A chronic health issue you can’t get on top of

Workplace issues

Or you are suffering from:

Depression / grief / fear / loneliness

Physical mental / sexual abuse

Self-doubt / criticism / judgement

Or if you want to:

Learn how to not be sick, how to un-program illness from your body

Stop attracting those duds in your life

Get paid for doing what you love all day every day

Learn how to create all that you want physically and emotionall

This is my invitation to you to reWrite your Story… 

and for you to reVamp your Life!

If you are ready to do this just click below

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“The work I have done with Cheryl has catapulted me into a world of possibilities

It has been a journey that has required some tough work, bringing up a lot of emotional baggage that I now realise was holding me back.  The power of the work Cheryl does is nothing like anything that is available mainstream including our medical system, professionals such as psychologists, counsellors and the like, and the education system, and I clearly see the need for the healing process that Cheryl is able to provide and teach, in almost daily interactions with others. 

Once we get back to the basics and connect with our inner selves everything makes basic, perfect sense.”

Brenda Burford, Renmark SA

This program is not for you if:

You are convinced that your problems are someone else’s responsibility

You are not willing to face your emotions, or

You don’t believe that you are able to change

I would really love to be able to help you make your shift

If you are ready to do this click below

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I understand that I will receive:

Downloadable Shifting Gears® Home Study Course

The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is designed for you to work on at your own pace.  There will be times when you will be able to give it your full attention and there will be times when life’s other demands will be your focus.  You will be in control of when you do it and how.  It is my wish that you succeed in turning your life around and in the way that you want.  If you feel you would need extra support, there is intensive mentoring available if you feel you need it.

Life is for living… joyfully and purposefully

Vibrant health is to enable you to do this

Knowledge is Power!

Yes!  I want to re-vamp my Life

If you are ready to do this click below

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If you feel like you are ready to toss the baggage and transform your life…

If you are ready to get off that old platform you’ve been stuck on…

I would really love to help you re-discover your personal power and shift from problems to solutions.

Signature #5

Choose The Best Payment Option For You

Best Value (save $100)$497 (AUD) 4 day Offer Digital Version

Cash Flow Option$199 x 3 (AUD)$199 now, then 2 payments next 30 days


PS…  I know that our programming exists inside of us and was put there by people we respected and by people we did not respect… and I know it runs our show until we become aware of it… so my aim is for you to discover the programming you want to use for the benefit of your life and to discard that which may be harming you.

PPS… The Shifting Gears® Home Study Course is designed uncover and rewrite this sub- conscious programming and to wake you up to that power-force living inside of you.