How Private E-Mentoring Works

Private E-Mentoring is one-on-one coaching with Cheryl by phone and email.  It is done in conjunction with the Shifting Gears®, Money and the Be Your Own Healer / Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Courses.

It is taking time and distance out of the equation and making Shifting Gears®, Emotional Rescue® and Be Your Own Healer / Be Your Own Life Coach available to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their life circumstances.

Who is this Coaching Program for?

This coaching program is for people who are eager to get their life and health back on track fast and who, for one reason or another, want to work on their own and not in a group situation – with guidance and expertise available instantly (or almost) still.

If you are unsure, check to see if any of the following apply to you:

Are you …

  • Uncomfortable working with your emotional self in a group?
  • Not able to travel to participate in a group workshop
  • Working shift hours or weekends preventing you from attending a workshop?
  • Desperate to make changes in your life and/or health?
  • An independent person who prefers to work at your own pace?

Do you …

  • Know you want to make changes in your life and/or health but don’t know where/how to start?
  • Want guidance and expertise available whilst you make those changes?
  • Want this guidance to be specific to you?
  • Want to take your life to the next significant ‘level’ for you?

If you have found yourself answering yes to any of the above questions, then the Home Study Course is designed for YOU.

Why E-Mentoring instead of phone?

  • Because it is easier for both of us – no time schedules or time zones to negotiate!
  • I will respond to your emails within one week (Mon-Thurs – weekends are family time) and you will have your answers in writing.
  • This format allows time for your processing and integration of the information and your experiences.

What are the Phone Consults for then?

  • The phone consults are specifically for Emotional Rescue work which cannot be done by email.
  • As they are an integral part of the ‘shift’ in you I have built them into the course for you.
  • I have allowed one major consult and two minor ones.
  • This is enough for you to make quantum leaps and change in your life.

It is my personal belief and discovery that you don’t need more information to crowd your head even more … but you need skills and tools to know what to do with that information and how to make it serve YOU in particular!

The key is in you for transformation and change and no two people have the same keys.

This is why the Emotional Rescue work is so powerful, so transformative and so intrinsic with shifting baggage … instantly and permanently releasing you from the past.

The  Home Study Course(s) provide you with the tools and I am your guide to make it work FOR YOU and your situation specifically.  My job is to guide you personally as if you were in the room with me now.

And that is my promise … I promise to give you support and honest feedback about anything related to the well-being of your life.  It will be personal, specific and within one week.  It will be comprehensive and it will be honest.  Your job is to be open and honest with me and to share.

We will work together and you can literally get started TODAY!


How does E-Mentoring work?

Step 1 …

  • Purchase your own  Home Study Course Workbook  and receive my private email address for VIP clients and which I will answer within one week (Mon-Thurs).

Step 2 …

  • While you are listening to the Intro audio in the HSC I will send you an email with a few questions for you to answer and to send back to me.
  • This will give me an overall picture of you … where you are ‘at’ now, what your intentions and aims are both in life and with the HSC … and any other information which you may wish to share at the outset (and this will be totally up to you).
  • You may wish to keep your privacy to begin with (and that’s ok) but it will enable me to see where you are ‘coming from’ quickly.

Step 3 …

  • Commence the Home Study Course and interact with me via email.
  • You will find that you will have different responses to different exercises and meditations and they will be individual for you.  You will need to let me know your outcomes and responses and especially any concerns or questions.  This will be at your discretion.  You may feel the need to share some and you may feel you don’t need to share others.
  • You will get my guidance in writing and if I feel we need to talk via the phone I will let you know.

Step 4…

  • Make an appointment for a phone consult when the time arrives when you feel the need for an Emotional Rescue.
  • Please don’t worry about this at the beginning, it will surface when it needs to and I will know when the appropriate time is (as long as you have kept me in the picture).

You will work at your own pace … you will have 6 months to complete the Shifting Gears and/or Money Home Study Course and 12 months to complete the Be Your Own Healer / Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course.  You will not be bombarded with this, the Shifting Gears® material is worked through in 2 days in a group workshop, the Money material is worked through in 1 day and the Be Your Own Healer / Be Your Own Life Coach material is worked through over 12 weeks (but its very intense).  Doing it over 6 (12) months has the advantage of allowing you time to integrate all of the information, your responses and allow for change … and then more questions.  You also get all of the material in print and audio to keep and which you can refer to and repeat if desired (which is priceless).

Of course, you may choose to do all of the work in a short time and then use the E-Mentoring to work through what happens in your life as a consequence … and this really would be very, very powerful.  Its all up to you.

You may be thinking … How much does this opportunity cost?

My questions to you are …

  • How much is it costing you to not be living happy and joyfully – no matter what has happened in your life?
  • How much is it worth to have your life back on track and to be able to enjoy life fully, to feel healthy again?
  • How much is it worth to NOT be physically funding sickness and limiting yourself from an enjoyable, creative, loving and powerful life?
  • How soon do you want to be free from your baggage?

You are supposed to be HAVING FUNBEING CREATIVELIVING POWERFULLY and IN LOVE … this is what you came here for.  You came here for the physical experience – a joyous one.

It is my belief and experience that one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is to leverage time.  We can pay for assistance and reap the reward in time.  There is no price we can put on time – one thing that we can be sure of though is that it is limited … but it does not need to be limiting us.

This is a fast way to work, which is why we say it is fast-tracking.

It will shift you fast.

If you have been contemplating change … if you have been decidedly unsatisfied with the way your life is moving … then I invite you to undertake a home study course.

And, remember, I promise to fully support you – to the extent that you allow – and encourage you to shift gears in your life.

No more waiting for the right time … no more procrastinating about whether it’s the right way or not … give me a call and I will happily share any information that you need.

Phone NOW on (08) 856 40412 (outside Australia +61.0885640412)

or mobile on 0409 694 993 (outside Australia +61.0409694993)

Alternatively, email me here …

I would love to assist you in making those shifts you are longing for in your life.

See what others are saying … What Others Say

“ The work I have done with Cheryl has catapulted me into a world of possibilities.

It has been a journey that has required some tough work, bringing up a lot of emotional baggage that I now realise was holding me back.  The power of the work Cheryl does is nothing like anything that is available mainstream including our medical system, professionals such as psychologists, counsellors and the like, and the education system, and I clearly see the need for the healing process that Cheryl is able to provide and teach, in almost daily interactions with others.  Once we get back to the basics and connect with our inner selves everything makes basic, perfect sense. ”