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In response to many peoples’ requests (almost demands) and their time/location constraints … and after much deliberation (and procrastination) from me … I am really, REALLY, REALLY excited to announce that both the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course and the Shifting Gears® Money Module Home Study Course are now available and can be purchased direct from me by phone or email.

Now you don’t have to travel to Truro … unless, of course, you want to!  You can have the benefits without the hassles … and have it in your own time, space and the comfort of your choosing!

You may have already experienced – or wanted to experience – or know someone who has experienced either Emotional Rescue® or the Shifting Gears® work.  You may also know how powerful this work is and how powerful you become when living from your power base.  You can experience first hand the power of Emotional Rescue and Shifting Gears.

Topics covered in the Shifting Gears® Home Study Course include:

In Module 1 you look at yourself as a conscious energy being (both a physical and a non-physical being simultaneously) and you see how different emotions and energy have different impacts on your body.  You look at mind energy and you look at thoughts/words as energy and your choice in them – and how the Law of Attraction uses them to bring your life experiences to you.  You look at how they impact on you energetically and how it has an impact on your physical body – and find out what you can do about it.  You learn how to polarise your thoughts to gain clarity in life situations.

You look at how you are the energy and have the energy to create your life.

In Module 2 you get in touch with the ‘inner’ part of you by looking at your Innerchild and you learn about core issues in life – and also identify any you may be carrying.  You will see where your programming has stemmed from and how to change it consciously and positively.

You look at the ‘core’ YOU.

In Module 3 you look at the connection between your emotions and illness or disease in your physical body.  You have the opportunity to look at both what your body’s messages are and also where you store different emotions. You get the opportunity to release some of your old ‘baggage’ and change your story – at least in your body.  You learn how you lose your energy and how to retrieve it.

You get to understand yourself as a vibrational being and how emotion is your soul’s way of guiding you.

In Module 4 you get to look at some fundamental Universal Truths which govern energy and existence in the physical world.  You will learn how to create positively without attracting negative energy and it’s consequences – you will get to do some creating.

You will get the opportunity to revamp your life if you want to.

In the Money Module you come to understand your money programming and how it was developed.  You look at the various ways we perceive abundance, prosperity and even wealth in society.  You get to explore your negative or limiting patterns pertaining to money and have the opportunity to rewrite them – thus creating new patterns in your money consciousness.  You find emotional blockages and you look at how you sabotage yourself and why.  Then you get to define a goal or dream that is important to you and free yourself from any negative influences surrounding it.

You get to own your power and your goal!

These Home Study Courses and the meditations are designed to be personal and individual for you.  You will have your own experiences and thus it is experiential work and not just intellectual material.

There is an added benefit in the Home Study Courses even if you have experienced some of this work already in that you can always refer to this work (and the meditations) when you have forgotten them, temporarily sidetracked – or even just want to expand deeper within yourself and lift your vibrations higher.

For more information or to purchase, phone me on (08) 85640412 or 0409694993

or email me cheryl@soulstarconnections.com.au/shifting-gears-hs-course

Payment can be made direct or by internet transfer.

Postage and packaging for the Home Study Course is $25 in Australia.

You will shift gears!