Facilitator Training

Soul Star Connections is now providing training for anyone wishing to practice Emotional Rescue® or to facilitate the Shifting Gears® 2 day workshop as part of their business or career.

This is an exciting new stage for us and our intention / goal is for greater and independent expansion for both clients and teachers.

It gives you the opportunity to earn income whilst you are still learning and developing yourself – and as long as you are in a physical body you are meant to still be learning.

This is how the soul grows.

The soul wants expansion, expansion, expansion.

Teaching/helping others is the most powerful way I have experienced of developing and growing myself … it is not a one way exercise.  It is the avenue that I have found to keep me on track, to enhance my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and growth.

Whilst not everyone feels a calling to teach personal development there are many, many, many people that want someone to help them.  And, let’s face it, that’s where I started … at the bottom of the pit and not even looking up.  Were it not for someone, somewhere (and there were many) capable of giving me a helping hand with expertise I would not be where I am now.

It is not a journey for the feint-hearted as it requires a level of integrity and honesty within yourself (and without) but it will lift you to a height where you can look at life and feel the magic in it.  It will require you to develop yourself a business-head as you will ultimately be working for yourself but the rewards for this are …

You can …

  • work from home (or anywhere else)
  • live a nomadic lifestyle
  • live in a country atmosphere and not be regulated to a big city unless that is your desire
  • work with people privately in a one-one situation
  • work with people in groups/retreats
  • work with people globally via phone and internet
  • live a balanced lifestyle with your spirit and ego
  • continue to expand yourself vibrationally
  • get together regularly with other like-minded people
  • be a part of the global change on this planet in a constructive way
  • have credibility and access to resources and marketing
  • forego the time and cost of developing something like this yourself

If you are ready for a career that makes a difference in the lives of others and you would like to be part of the development of Soul Star Connections consider becoming a Teacher (Facilitator) of Emotional Rescue and/or Shifting Gears.


Certificate to Practice EMOTIONAL RESCUE®

Emotional Rescue® is a powerful skill and tool to add to other healing and teaching modalities, including Massage, or to use on its own in counselling.  It is also a skill/tool which can be used in conjunction with traditional psychotherapies and counselling services – or even in the work place to assist employees suffering emotional trauma as it is key to releasing that person from an emotional situation and/or experience instantly and permanently which then frees them up to get on with their job and life (what every employer wants!).

The Certificate to Practice Emotional Rescue allows you to practice this modality with other therapies or on its own.


Certificate to Facilitate SHIFTING GEARS®

The Certificate to Facilitate Shifting Gears allows you to deliver the 2 day SG Workshop or 8 week course and also coach others with the Home Study course under licence, accreditation and guidance.

The Shifting Gears® 2 day workshop/8 week course and the Home Study Course are great ways to help people in a very short space of time – fast tracking them if they have become stuck in old patterns in life and/or behaviours.  It really shifts focus from being subjective to life’s dramas to becoming more objective and separating from life’s dramas.

It is non-denominational and transcends all cultures, therefore making it universal to all people.


Requirements to become a Practitioner of Emotional Rescue and Facilitator of Shifting Gears …

This is a 2 year program … Stages 1-4 completes the first year,  Stage 5 is the second year.

Stage 1 

The certified Shifting Gears® Home Study Course forms the 1st stage of the Teacher Training.  It allows you to experience and become familiar with the work and see if it is right for you at a level where there is no risk for you.  Even if you have experienced a 2-day workshop with Soul Star Connections the benefit of doing the home study course and to have all the materials is of enormous benefit to you both personally and as a teacher or coach.

Because it is vitally important to be aware of your mindset regarding money and your financial situation I include the Money Home Study Course with all Teacher Training.  I feel it is mandatory work that you need to do and which we often overlook thinking that “it’s not about money”.  Your programming on money will hold you back in almost every area of life.  I feel it is essential so it is my gift to new teachers.

Stage 2 …

  • The certified Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course (or previous certified 12 week Living Authentically Course).

This course enables you to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of energy both in yourself and others.

Stage 3 …

  • 10 day (or 2 x 5 day) Living Authentically Retreat and Certificate providing instruction and grounding in the Emotional Rescue® process and completion of 30 case studies.

Stage 4 …

You are provided with your Facilitator Manuals and licenses you to facilitate these workshops/courses.

You will be given Facilitator Manuals for the 2 day SG Workshop, 8 week SG Course, SG Money 1 day Workshop, licensing and accreditation with IICT, the opportunity to assist in a workshop as a trainee facilitator and review of your 30 case studies for Emotional Rescue.

Stage 5 …

Gives you a further 12 month support structure including Inner Circle webinars where we come together to share – and which is only for teachers – as well as email and phone support with getting your business and marketing flowing.


Emotional Rescue®, Shifting Gears® and Living Authentically have been recognised  by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and Soul Star Connections has been accredited as an approved training provider.

Public Liability insurance coverage is available through the IICT’s insurance brokers and you would need to become an Associate Member of IICT.

World peace is US …
We are each walking agents of the vision of peace we carry inside us

Kathleen Vande Kiett