with the Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course

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total freedom

Imagine your life when you are:

  • free of tangled relationships
  • free of chronic health issues
  • free of people pushing your buttons.

Imagine your life when you:

  • know that power source inside of you.

Imagine if you could make decisions with no external influence.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to:

live as you were born to live

live as you were born to live

  • Trust yourself
  • Understand and avoid negative karma
  • Live in a healed body
  • Get a handle on your core ‘spiritual’ issues
  • Master those different archetypal energies living within you
  • Toss the dross of the egotistical world
  • Not need a doctor any more
  • Have healing at your fingertip
  • Discover and live your life purpose
  • Be the one pulling your own strings

Can you really imagine what it would be like to live like this daily?

Well you can because each day begins with you.No matter what has happened, no matter where you are on your journey … your life is in your hands and you have access to everything you need to do this.

Hello … I’m glad you’re hereand I’m really glad you want to improve the quality of your life

cherylI’m Cheryl Ueding …Owner and founder of Soul Star Connections®Emotional Rescue®, Living Authentically and the Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach programs.

happy times can be forever

happy times can be forever

I have cured myself of allergies to the environment, medications, chemicals - all after our major medical institution in South Australia had told me that I couldn’t be helped.  I did this during a period of my life when life had become meaningless - during a time when I witnessed the demise and death of one of my daughters to leukaemia.

Maybe you too have experienced heart-wrenching pain?

you can rise from your darkest night

you can rise from your darkest night

This was something the ‘mother’ in me couldn’t comprehend - nobody prepared me for my child not finishing school.  It was incomprehensible to me.  But this pain led me to looking outside the square - to people, places, workshops and books to try to make sense of things which I found ... a lot of time and money later.

What I found was: the keys to my health and life were all inside of me.

Nothing I needed was anywhere else - now how to unlock that. I had found the keys but now I had to unlock the seemingly un-lockable.

What power, what control

It seemed almost too unreal ... but that was it ... its all inside.

When I see new clients, I often hear...

pills, pills and more pills

  • I have been seeing a counsellor, a therapist … even a psychiatrist or psychotherapist … but I am still having problems. I feel like I am going around in circles.
  • I have done a lot of work already … but it doesn’t seem to be changing.
  • My doctor is just giving me more and more tablets … I get side effects … and nothing really changes. I just get more and more tablets. I feel like I will rattle if you shake me.

Is this familiar to you?

It was for me.

When I was at the bottom of my pit, the doctors said they “couldn’t help me anymore”. There was very little medication that could be used to help my allergies and their consequent infections. There came a time when I had very little will to live and I had no knowledge on how to turn things around … and nowhere to turn to.

I was a walking time-bomb wanting out

your ticket to freedom

your ticket to freedom

If you are at that point in life where you want to:

  • take control of your life
  • live your life purpose
  • toss your health issues once and for all
  • make sense of and give meaning to your life journey


  • be the one pulling your own strings

... I would like to show you how to unlock this

You see ... this is your life ... it is your health ... and it is your journey ... and you have all the keys inside of you.

This is my invitation for you to:




I know that if I can overcome my challenges, it is possible that you can overcome yours … and I would like to show you how.

Even if you have never thought about doing any self-development work, this work will catapult you into understanding how you can turn things around

… no matter what everyone else around you may be saying.

After a number of years, after a lot of ‘workshops’ and after spending a massive amount of money … all to just try and stay on the planet … I have worked out what it is that keeps us here and what it is that sends us away.

I have worked out what keeps your immune system healthy and what destroys it.

I have worked out what causes those issues in our relationships … no matter whether it is a romantic relationship, a work relationship or a family relationship.

The Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course empowers you to become a Leader of your own Life. This course:

  • your power source is inside

    your power source is inside

    demonstrates the intricacies of your physical and spiritual make-up

  • shows you how deep this intimate connections runs in you

  • finds that source of power inside of you

The Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course takes you from powerlessness to powerfulness.

Since healing myself I have been privileged to work with people with all sorts of health and life issues and to get their lives back on track - sometimes when all else had failed (as it had in my situation) and I have found that, although the life and health issues are varied, the path to recovery shares the same road and I would like to share this with you.

Picture 154 Why am I telling you this?

Because … we all have the ability to turn things around … we all have that power inside of us and no-one teaches us about it - not our doctors, not our health care institutions, not our religious institutions.

I believe something so innate should be for everyone

... and everyone should know about it.

This information has been in the mystical world for far too long.  I come from being very left-brained and I had to understand everything - I had to know both how it worked and why.  I also believe that if I can’t understand and make sense of this information - if it can’t be logical - how can I expect someone else to believe, understand and master their life and their energy.

This work is for everyone regardless of whether you are dominantly left-brained or right-brained ... it is both logical and sensory.

“The work I have done with Cheryl has catapulted me into a world of possibilities. It has been a journey that has required some tough work, bringing up a lot of emotional baggage that I now realise was holding me back. The power of the work Cheryl does is nothing like anything that is available mainstream including our medical system, professionals such as psychologists, counsellors and the like, and the education system, and I clearly see the need for the healing process that Cheryl is Brenda Burfordable to provide and teach, in almost daily interactions with others.Once we get back to the basics and connect with our inner selves everything makes basic, perfect sense.”- Brenda Burford, Renmark, South Australia

It is possible to turn your life around … and it is possible to do this yourself

... in fact it is only possible to do this yourself

Why should you choose the Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course?

Great questions … I can hear you asking!

1...When all else fails, there’s only you ... so why not do it before the ‘all else’ has failed!2...Knowledge and skills are yours forever - no-one can ever take them away from you!3...It gives you independence and freedom - no third parties to visit, no travelling, no hassles with time schedules and no appointments.4...Have you ever looked at the cost of consulting a Healer or Life Coach? Most Healers and Life Coaches working at this level charge between $100-$200 per hour (sometimes more) and intensive work like this would require a minimum of 2-3 sessions per month ... so a year’s fees would total anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000. Most people are not in a position to afford that.5...Even if you were prepared to pay those fees it doesn’t include any written materials - and you have the Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course for life! You can refer back to it over and over and over.6...

This is intense work in which you will learn to understand yourself intimately and your guidance.

You get to find the ‘crystal ball’ everyone is longing for!

It is my desire that you find what you are looking for … your health … a stable, loving, creative and rewarding life.

… what is it that You are looking for?

This course encompassed so much more than I was expecting! I thought that I was embarking on just a journey of self discovery, which is certainly what I experienced, but I also learned so much more along the way about life, different perspectives on just about everything and also about others. Instead of just being about me, I was shown how to listen to myself and to others and be in a position to feel more and therefore experience more of the good things that life has to offer. I can certainly say that I have changed or been awakened in many ways, including how I deal with everyday occurrences, how I make choices that affect my life and also how I treat others as well as looking to the Chris Sfuture with enthusiasm instead of trepidation. Cheryl, you are a wonderful teacher and I thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me… your strength of character and the joy and encouragement you engender in people is truly inspiring.”- Christine Starkey, Kapunda, South Australia


What is covered in the 
Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course?

You will:

  • Learn how to use healing energy to start repairing your health and life
  • Recognise your energy patterns and how to use negative experiences in your everyday relationships to change your energy patterns to work for you instead of against you
  • Understand how to control your energy systems and how this impacts on both your health and life experiences positively
  • Discover and identify how you leak energy and become drained leaving you feeling a victim to life and even becoming sick
  • Retrieve your energy and bring your power back to you and your life
  • Explore what you can do to give purpose to your life

Who is this for?

The Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course:

  • Empowers you to take control of the circumstances in your life
  • Encourages you how to take responsibility (not blame) for all things in your life
  • Frees you from what other people say, think or do around … or with you
  • Unhooks you from past or present trauma … and how to stay unhooked!
  • Guides you to understand the creation of long-term or chronic health issues
  • Shows you how to release yourself from damaging relationships

This course is especially powerful for those people who have come to a standstill in life … may be there are no answers, may be doors have been shut … may be there is nowhere else to go.

If this sounds like you, then may be it is time to look within.

This course is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix … although you will experience that at times when you have a quantum shift in your consciousness.


  • You desperately need to blame other people or circumstances for the way your life is.’

This course is not about management of a health problem or life issue.

It is not about managing a difficult relationship.

It is about owning your health issue … it is about owning your relationship.

This course is not for people who want someone else to solve their relationship or cure their disease … or who want someone/something else to pay for those changes.

This course is for people who want to be free of these things … and that requires taking ownership, responsibility for their part, accountability and a commitment to themselves.

If this is not for you please do not sign up for this course.

The course is about personal responsibility.

Regardless of the circumstances of how something came about in your life, there is no way out of it unless you decide to ‘own’ your part.

This gives you the power to change everything!

The solutions to your life issues lie inside of you - not outside of you. I can help you access this place but only you can make the decisions to make any changes to your life. I am a facilitator to show you how to do this.

But the choice is always yours to make and follow through.

Having said that,

I love showing people how to be free of their issues.

A lot has happened since the course finished and I feel I have been able to deal with all that has come my way in a ‘complete’ way... ie, I have felt the emotion, processed the thoughts and been able to make peace with myself. For me, the course was a way to heal myself first and I feel I have come a long way in that. I have learnt to recognise my soul connection too, I have had times when spirit has spoken to me and I have recognised that and listened. I have felt my spiritual connectedness physically and it was an awesome experience. I write nearly every day to practice and reinforce what the course taught. I also find myself naturally following some of the teachings, thinking and speaking them as a normal part of my life. Thank you Cheryl for giving/sharing the course, providing the awareness and skills I need to continue my journey.”- Jodie Collins, Angaston, South Australia

The Program in a Nutshell

Module 1… Energy

Empower yourself when you discover the energy that creates worlds ... and your ability to change your vibration, reshape your health and life.

Module 2… Energy & You

Become a powerhouse when you connect with a primary Guide and enlist your non-physical assistance ... get the keys to enable you to guard against and dissolve negative psychic energy which may be in your world.

Module 3… Changing Your Energy

Get into the driver’s seat when you communicate with your Life Force and gain control in managing any negative relationships in your everyday life.

Module 4… Your Energy Systems

Make your auric field so strong that disease and negativity cannot penetrate ... clear yourself from past experience holding you at ransom.

Module 5… The ‘Core’ You

Find the positive aspect to your vulnerabilities and create stability into your life. This is where you connect to your inner-core and finally be heard.

Module 6… Disempowerment -v- Empowerment

Look at what you can do to end any disempowerment in your life and get the keys to stand tall in your world.

Module 7… Your Energy Quota

Stop your juggling act of gaining and leaking energy. Learn how to be energised and not drained - independently of others.

Module 8… Retrieving Your Energy

Discover how to retrieve any lost energy from the past and be reconnected in order to strengthen yourself and be able to cope better in present time.

Module 9… Your ‘Energies’

Familiarise yourself with the many hats you wear in life, understand their different faces and roles and why there can be so much conflict within you and make peace with them.

Module 10… Rules of Energy

Master the rules/laws of energy that govern the operation of this physical world (just like gravity) and use them to transform and skillfully orchestrate your future life circumstances.

Module 11… The ‘Real’ You

Enlist your life force to explore and orchestrate in your life and give yourself a meaningful vision and goals to live with ... create your life purpose.

Module 12… What Now?

Here’s all the keys to stay in your new vibration and live in a field of love and grace and tips on what you can expect ahead as you evolve even more.

The Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course is a step-by-step program which puts YOU in the driving seat of Your Life.

This course is private and personal and you will be able to work at your own pace.

I really want you to succeed with your program and, as I know it can be confronting at times, there is additional intensive coaching available and there for you should you need it.

Cheryl healing dvd

... I will be there for you should you need it

I understand that I will receive:

  • 12 modules which build on each other making up the complete Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course

Each module comprises:

    • Contents and Index page so you can see and find whats in that module
    • The material that is needed for you to learn about each topic of the course
    • 1 or more unique meditation audio(s) for that particular module
    • Audios or video to help guide you with your healing and discovering
    • Exercises for you to explore the topic of the module
    • Worksheets for you to record your information and discoveries
    • A Guide for you to observe yourself (and life) after working through the material (in this way you will be integrating what you have learnt into your life)
    • A Summary and a Preview of the next module
  • Approx 20 unique audios to help guide me with my self healing and self discovery
  • Exercises to explore the topic of the module
  • Worksheets to record my information and discoveries
  • A Guide for me to observe myself (and life) after working through the material

Picture 153

The Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Course is designed to be worked on at your own pace.

There will be times when you will be able to give it your full attention and there will be times when life’s other demands will be your focus. You will be in control of when you do it and how. It is my wish that you succeed in turning your life around and in the way that you want …so my support is there with the mentoring and it is available for you all the way through your course.

  • Knowledge can never be taken from you … you will understand yourself and learn skills that you will use for the rest of your life.
  • You don’t need more tablets and more potions … in fact you will find yourself moving away from these things in your own time.
  • You will love being in control … you will love the independence it gives you … you will love the freedom to get on with the good things in life

The 12 week course was inspiring, comprehensive, uplifting and opened up my awareness.  I feel like I am now on the path to living my soul’s desires and releasing baggage that I have previously let hold me back.  The opportunity to become in touch with my higher self and practice healings, as well as have my own healings has had an immeasurable impact on my life.  I am now open to a world and consciousness that I previously didn’t realise was there.  The knowledge and information given within the course was amazing and has changed my life.  I previously suffered PastedGraphic-1from some depression and I have learnt of the reason for this and why I have been holding back from truly living.  I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift of partaking in such a fantastic learning experience. Challenging, confronting, enlightening and absolutely uplifting. Thank you so much.”- Sally Tapscott, Gawler, SA

I invite you to defy the odds … to defy what others might say can’t be done…
I invite YOU to turn YOUR life around …

I know that the problems in our lives stem from issues inside of us … and I know that the solutions to these problems are inside of us.  I also know that if I can overcome my challenges, it is possible that you can overcome yours.  I believe we all have the ability to turn life around … but that we have to do it ourselves … I am a way-shower.

The Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study is designed to take you from power-less-ness to power-ful-ness

and to find that source of power inside of you.



This course and it’s benefits are beyond money. I didn’t even consider the cost excessive before the course started. I could never have said, felt, displayed the emotions I had anywhere other than at this course. It has meant more to me than I can ever adequately express. You will forever be my saviour elf who enabled me to look in the mirror and see the truth. Thank you.”- Jodie Collins, Angaston, South Australia