Cheryl’s Story (SG HSC)

Cheryl’s Story (SG HSC)

Shifting Gears Home Study Course

“Welcome to your New Life”

Hello … Cheryl here

Owner and founder of Soul Star Connections, Emotional Rescue®, Shifting Gears® and the Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach programs.

I have brought my life back from the depths of despair … locked in grief and being unable to see a way out … to living with purpose, on purpose and by purpose.

From the deepest pit there is a way out … and I would like to show you the way.


“Pills, pills and more pills”

My story began with peritonitis from a ruptured appendix, consequential stomach problems, an abusive and dangerous marriage, irritable bowel, colitis, continuous sinus infections, constant pharyngitis, hayfever, migraines, being plagued with ‘fungal’ infections and kidney infections from medications … later developing into major ‘allergies’ (seasonal, perennial, food and chemical and to nearly all drug medications I was being given and also included sanitary wear).

I ended up with orbital cellulitis which travelled to my brain very fast and which necessitated me travelling back and forth to the Royal Adelaide Hospital on a weekly basis (a 200km trip) for five years in an attempt to treat my ‘allergies’ … to one day being told that I had been classified as ‘recalcitrant’ (or too hard to treat) and being shown the door.

I was on my own … but I had been told to “stay on my anti-histamines for the rest of my life and to treat them like blood pressure tables and never miss them” (and which had to keep being changed as I became either sensitive or resistant to them) and also to “stay on my ‘stomach’ tables because my stomach no longer worked” for the rest of my life.

But there it was … there was no help … I was being turned away because “it would take another five years to get me to first base”.

I was completely powerless after having handing over the power to fix me to our medical staff and hospital institutions.  And I fell into a heap.

It didn’t stop there … in an attempt to ‘fix myself’ we moved to Queensland as I had an urge to study Naturopathy (after all, there must be a way and the drugs had done nothing except render my body almost unlivable for me).

“Don’t wait until you are at the bottom of the pit”

I did enroll in a naturopathy course … paid a lot of money … got a lot of books … but never got a ‘paper in’ as overnight one of my children was suddenly very ill with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (which usually takes a person to death in about 4 days as it renders their immune system inoperable very fast … the person usually dying before there is a diagnosis).  Suddenly I was on the Royal Flying Doctor and being flown to the Royal Brisbane Hospital – a place where we stayed for 8 months having treatment for my daughter.

There was such confusion in me … how on earth could we fix an immune system by destroying it?  I knew first hand what life was like without a working immune system … I also knew what it was like when medical/hospital staff said they couldn’t help you any more.  So there was an enormous amount of distrust, conflict and apprehension in me.  I became a mother bear watching out for its young.

Books = Knowledge
Knowledge = Power

And I became a terrier not letting anything rest.  I filled my mind with knowledge … I searched books and bookstores and health food shops … we began to understand vibration and ‘vibrational medicine’ … we began to learn about energy fields and how they worked.  And we made much progress.

“This sucks big time”

My daughter went through the most intensive course of chemotherapy in Australia and it was done in our ‘unit’ at the Leukaemia Foundation through the Royal Brisbane Hospital. There was no expertise watching over us … when pumps didn’t work overnight and the medication wasn’t received on time and at the relevant stages of the cell formation and production … we just had to wear it.  We had no help because emergency staff were not qualified to handle cyto-toxic products so we were just zipped up and sent home. Treatment wasn’t delivered at those important stages of cell maturity and shoulders were shrugged.

My daughter wanted to come back to South Australia to finish her schooling … she was now in Year 12 after having completed Year 11 in hospital during chemotherapy (with 5 A’s and a B) … so we did.  She was in ‘remission’.

Life was not as she expected and she was not happy.  She didn’t want to live with medication and leukaemia and fell out of remission.  She did undergo another course of chemotherapy at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital but she did not survive that treatment and died without being able to move a muscle … not her eyes, not anything.  We did not even know if she could hear us.

“Don’t give your choices away”

Her dad was at the Royal Adelaide Hospital having his white cells farmed at our request in a last ditch effort to sustain her while Red Cross were trying to get together enough platelets for her to survive a nasal operation as she had a fungal infection there eating her nose away … and for which there was no real treatment. She was being given medication intravenously at an extremely highly toxic dose and which caused a convulsion and she never survived.  She died in intensive care wearing a nappy and having to be cleaned … almost 18 years old.

She ‘came’ to my husband at the hospital and told him she didn’t want his white cells. She arched her eyes at me in intensive care when I asked her to hang on … an impossible move that only I saw and which told me that I needed to give her permission to ‘go’ … which I did. The single hardest thing I have ever had to do.

That was the bottom of my pit. As a mother I felt my daughter had died without dignity and that was unforgivable and, although I didn’t blame anyone, I couldn’t handle seeing and knowing it. Life now made no sense. It was meaningless.  Why on earth would you hand your body and your life over to another soul (your children) only to have them taken away from you? What the **** was life about!

My ‘allergies’ became inconsequential.  It wasn’t that they weren’t there because they were … the grief I felt and the torment and stress on my eyes meant I was in a very dangerous position physically.  Not only that … but my heart was taking me out. I had no idea how to make life work and had very little will to even try. I felt dangerously close to ending it all.  Survival and then recovery from this experience were far greater challenges for me, personally, than all of my allergies.  And they were 2 distinct journeys.

I had gone off my medication in 1999 (fell in a heap) but never went back on. My daughter died in 2001 and, with the exception of mouth surgery on two occasions in 2005 and 2006 for which I had anaesthetic for the dentist to perform the surgery and 2 panadeine forte later after the surgery, I have had no medication whatsoever since February 1999.

“Questions, questions and more questions!”

But it wasn’t just about that.  There was something inside of me that wanted answers. There were questions.  I needed to understand … although that desire came and went. There were times when it was all too much and going seemed a much easier option.  My two other daughters and a devoted husband kept me here enough for me to get to the next stepping stone on my journey and for which I am eternally grateful.

I had to change much of the way I thought about life … about people … about me. The old way of thinking had no answers … it made no sense … it didn’t even seem relevant.

There was a powerful urge inside of me when I stood on the other side of the doors to Intensive Care just after my daughter had died to show as many people as possible how much power they have inside of themselves … how much power they have in how they think and in how they feel … how much power they have in their choices … especially in their choice of thought … and in the way they process that feeling in their body.

Shifting Gears Home Study
Workbook and CDs

After being led by the law of attraction in response to that desire (which didn’t have words) and much research, many books, many workshops, many courses and much more money being spent (which I now call investing) … this has led me to developing the Emotional Rescue® work, the Shifting Gears® program and also the Be Your Own Healer … Be Your Own Life Coach program.

Because I have had to witness so many people being unable to co-ordinate all of the things needed to be able to attend a live workshop and because I want to assist as many people as possible … this Home Study Course was born. It was born from requests from people just like you.

I have successfully helped hundreds of people create internal power and control in their lives with these intensive workshops, courses and programs … and I have now gone on to training others to spread these gifts.  People just like you.