The difference between you – now – and when you are dead is that, now, you are
alive and growing – much the same as a plant. When you are dead you (or, rather,
your body) is separated from the life force. You are an empty shell – a corpse.

This LIFE FORCE is your SOUL. It is WHO you are. It is your connection to the
Divine, the Universe, the holy Cosmos – to all there is. It is all there is.

Your soul is always growing – while you are “alive” in the physical world and also
while you are in the non-physical realms.

The Soul chooses to incarnate in the physical realm/world to experience and grow.
When the learning or growing intended for the incarnation is finished – or can no
longer be achieved – it will withdraw from the body. This is “death” as we know it.

We have had many, many incarnations. Our Soul’s history and age is made up of
these incarnations and our journeys in between. As such, people have many and
varied soul histories and ages. There are young souls and there are old souls.
Each has the right to his/her experience and journey.

The Soul exists beyond time and space.
It is pure consciousness – out of which everything is formed.

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