Forgiveness is about letting go – letting go of your energy you have invested in a situation or experience. It is not about the other person (although it can sometimes appear so). It is about unhooking your energy – unhooking YOU. It is about ceasing the drain of energy that is leaving your body and flowing directly to the old experience (aka person).

One way to be able to unhook, release judgement and make peace with a situation is to find a ‘gift’ in it. Find some positive aspect to it. Granted, there are many experiences in life which would appear to have no physical gift to a person – and these sorts of experiences include mental, physical and sexual abuse, loss of a child or loved one unexpectedly. But there does come a time when you can find a gift on another level – maybe a spiritual gift, a new way of being?  It requires you to own the experience and rise above it.

The sorts of questions you could ask yourself in order to find the positive aspect are: [Read more…]