Break the myth … Christmas is not religious!
Christmas is for Everyone

Christmas is for everyone

Christmas is for everyone

Christmas is here again and I would like to share a divine message I received this week with you.

Christmas is not about Jesus the person.

It is about what he taught us, it is about what he represents.

Jesus does not want to be idolised, he wants to be remembered as your brother.

He wants us to remember unconditional love, non-judgement and true forgiveness.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not is irrelevant … or Buddha … or Krishna … or Allah.

Christmas is here.

This is the season where we come together collectively on the planet to do God’s work.

God’s work is to be kind, to be loving, to be generous, to be creative, and to be giving from the heart.

When we do this collectively as we do at Christmas Time, the energy shifts on the planet for the better. The vibration of humanity as a whole can change and shift – for good … for God … whatever and however you conceive that to be.

It is God’s time. It is Good’s time. It is a powerful time … and it is an opportunity to shift our energy in an instant and on a large scale. [Read more…]


Beliefs belong to man.
They are set ways of thinking designed by and used by man.

They are a mindset and, as such, are not God.
Beliefs tend to divide people and set people up against one another.
They cause divisions in societies, families, governments, religions and many other areas.

This is not God. God doesn’t care what colour you are, what sex or sexual preference you
are/have. God doesn’t care what school you went to and God doesn’t care what political
party you are aligned to. God doesn’t care what religion you assign yourself.

God is Love. Pure and Unconditional Love.

This Love exists inside yourself. And it begins with You. It is a source and stream of
Love which is forever flowing to you … through you … and from you.

We all have free-will and choice. It is our free-will and choice to either allow
this ever-streaming flow of unconditional love to us, through us and from us.
We block it by holding onto  [Read more…]