Allergy(ies) is/are not something external happening TO you.

It is an internal process going on inside of you … between the physical you and the non-physical you.  It is an intense conflict and can be likened to a war going on over control of yourself.

We live in a culture that has given absolute control to our physical counterpart – the ego – over our thoughts, choices and decision-making in our lives.  In actual fact, it is our non-physical part, our essence or life-force, who is running the show – our reason for being and our reason for existing in this physical plane.

Until we acknowledge this, learn to understand this and how our non-physical part is always in dialogue with us  … and that this is constantly happening and we can take our guidance from there, our lives will continue to be chaotic our health will continue to be depleted and in a downward spiral.  Our cells and our immune system turn on ourselves.

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