About Us

The mission of .. SOUL STAR CONNECTIONS .. is to promote and encourage love, joy, quality health, happiness, personal freedom and financial wealth within YOUR life by providing education, raising awareness and facilitating healing in any area of life.

Soul Star Connections is based at Truro on the edge of the Barossa Valley, Australia’s famous wine valley, only 15km north of Nuriootpa on the Sturt Highway in South Australia. Cheryl and her life partner, Holger, have developed SOUL STAR RETREAT as a sanctuary for people wishing to heal their lives.

SOUL STAR RETREAT is furnished and decorated with many items of antique furniture which we have restored with our passion for rebuilding, repairing and restoring old things.  Our passion has now turned to helping you to rebuild, repair and restore yourself.

At Soul Star Connections we believe that responsibility for health, vitality, happiness and financial wealth of all that is good lies within each of us and that we are all capable of achieving this – but that it starts with each of us individually.  We believe you need only to look within to find your blocks to true health, joy, creativity, happiness, personal freedom and wealth.

We also believe that responsibility of our own individual energy – and power – lies with each of us and that, in many cases, there are huge losses of power. This is an internal power loss and needs to be restored for health and happiness. It is particularly important where traumatic events have occurred and in cases of cancer.

We believe that by educating people about energy and identifying power losses – and by dealing with the emotional issues and trauma consciously – healing can be achieved in any situation where the soul permits.

CHERYL has worked as a Spiritual Healer/Teacher/Counsellor since 2002.

Both Cheryl and her life partner, Holger, are certified teachers for the work of Louise L. Hay and facilitated the HEAL YOUR LIFE workshop for some years. She has now developed her own workshops/ retreats where she specialises in EMOTIONAL RESCUE and ENERGY RETRIEVAL.

Cheryl and Holger have three daughters.

In 2001 they were challenged with the death of their middle daughter – Amanda – who had been diagnosed with leukaemia not long after her 16th birthday.   They had a 2 year intensive battle with the dis-ease prior to losing her to this plane just short of her 18th birthday in May 2001.

Cheryl is a recovered allergy sufferer – her story is below. She is passionate about helping people regain their internal power and strength and showing them how to be responsible for their energy.

HOLGER has been trained as a Massage Therapist in Whole Body Massage with All Regions Massage School and enjoys helping peoples’ bodies to feel better. He has found that having a massage relieves tension, stress and leaves people FEELING great. He also works as a Spiritual Healer identifying old blocks and baggage.

Holger has been a long-time sufferer of eczema and has found that by understanding the emotional problems and barriers to good health within yourself you are able to heal yourself and your life. He is self employed full-time as an Electrical Contractor based in the Barossa Valley having spent all his working life in the electrical industry and wishes to share this knowledge with all who wish to be at one with the universe.

Cheryl’s Story …

Cheryl was ‘crippled’ with allergies when, in 1999, she was told by the Royal Adelaide Hospital that she has been classified as ‘recalcitrant’ – or hard to treat. This was after 5 years of intensive weekly visits to that hospital (each a journey of 200 km) for injections and help.

She had perennial and seasonal allergies to both food and the environment and also to medications. ‘They’ told her that “it would be another 5 years before they could get her to first base”. She was being told that they couldn’t help her. She had to walk away from the hospital, her faith in our medical and health system shattered. At this time, she was totally powerless having handed over responsibility for her health and life to the hospital.

She began to look at life – and herself – in a different way and began to see the connection between how our emotions and feelings could affect our physical body. She began to realise that the power for healing lay within each and everyone of us. But it was not for many years later that she fully understood the thought patterns and processes which lay behind those emotions and feelings that lay behind the physical illness. She was still giving her power away by blaming others.

It was during this time that her daughter, Amanda, was diagnosed with leukaemia. Together, her and Amanda used what little knowledge she had gained at that stage to attempt physical healing for Amanda. They journeyed through the most intensive course of chemotherapy in the Royal Brisbane Hospital as they were living in Qld at this time only to lose her to this dimension later when they returned to SA which was Amanda’s wish.

Survival and recovery of this experience was to be Cheryl’s biggest challenge.

It was during this time that she embraced the ‘spiritual’ side to ourselves and of life. This helped her gain the full perspective of WHY things happen. She began to heal, very slowly and one step at a time. Each step began with a change in perception.

In order to stay on the planet she had to reinvent herself – or, as he sees it now, discard a lot of old programming and thoughts and ideas.

Cheryl is totally committed to helping people heal themselves and becoming happy, healthy and whole and financially wealthy. She is totally committed to bringing in the love vibration and helping people to open their hearts to themselves and to others around them, including the earth and all her inhabitants and life-forms.

I do not want the peace that passeth understanding …
I want the understanding which bringeth peac

Helen Keller