Spiritual Awakening Training

Spiritual awakening training is becoming aware of who you are at a much deeper level.


The spiritual awakening training will connect you consciously to your life-force.  Your life-force belongs to the spiritual realms, existed there before you were born, will exist there after you die, and dwells there while are alive.  A portion of your life-force exists in your body during this time – your life.


It will allow you to become aware of the inter-action which exists between your human-ness and your spiritual nature, or life-force.


It is coming to understand how this universe works, your place in it, the reasons you have certain challenges in life.


It also includes being given the tools to both access this within yourself and the knowledge and keys to know what to do with what you uncover.  It is understanding how energy works, your place within this energy, and how to harness and use this energy in conjunction with your mind energy.


The training gives you a sound knowledge so that you are confident, protected and capable of resolving issues in your past as well as present, giving you the ability to shape your future in an environment of love, joy, peace and prosperity.


What is the significance of Spiritual awakening training?


Spiritual training gives you the ability to know yourself as a whole.  It embraces your soul history and you come to know yourself as a being much greater than a human.


This is important because, to see yourself only as a physical body with a mind and a shelf life, does not give you the foundation to understand neither your issues nor the ability to change your circumstances.  You will see your circumstances as being inevitable, feel that you are unable to have an impact on the outcome, and inevitably succumb to them.


There is more.  More to you, more to your challenges… more that you need to know.


In my next post, I will explore the reason you can’t ignore your life-force (or spirit).

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