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Mental health healing is tricky.  Its not something you can just fix with a tablet, a pill, or a bandaid.  It is more complex.

I’m so glad you’re here

If you are on this page, it is likely that you are or have been struggling with coping in life… or you may have someone in your life that is struggling. Or… you may be someone who has the medical care of someone who is struggling in life – someone who has been diagnosed with an acute or chronic illness, perhaps someone who is not coping with what life has dealt him/her and you are looking for assistance.

In all cases, I would like to share with you what I have discovered as being essential to good health – mentally as well as physically.

With years of working personally with clients with issues ranging from personal emotional torment, relationship and workplace struggles, childhood trauma, to illness, depression, even ptss, I have identified 3 things missing to both physical and mental health healing in our society.

In this article, I will share with you the 3 core things that I have identified as missing links in our medical treatment for both physical and mental health healing of people but, first, let me share the background to how I came to identify these missing links.


My name is Cheryl Ueding and I am the founder of


Soul Star Connections®, Emotional Rescue®, Shifting Gears® & the Be Your Own Healer… Be Your Own Life Coach programs


I got my life back on track after being classified as “recalcitrant” by the Royal Adelaide Hospital when they closed their doors on me after 5 years of ineffective treatment for infections and allergies and told me that I “couldn’t be helped any more”.  I was left at great risk of not surviving infections as medications had become ineffective and I was unresponsive to them.  I had experienced my eye turning red with orbital cellulitis and this infection was travelling to my brain… fast…and now I had no help at all.

Then, shortly after that, the biggest blow of my life came when I lost my 17 year old daughter to leukaemia.  This was, by far, my greatest challenge.


I survived


Not only did I survive, but I grew because of these experiences.

I am no longer dependent on medical care or medications – in fact, I have lived medication free now for 20 years.  I no longer suffer from painful experiences in life, I know how to deal with them.


Has there been a time in your life when you were really challenged?


I would like to ask you to reflect on this question for a moment and consider:

Why is it that you are personally interested in this article?

If there was a time, did you get appropriate help and has it served you?

Is there anything that could have made things easier or better for you, then or now?


What happened then?


I made a decision.  I made a choice.  It was while I was standing outside the doors of ICU in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide straight after my daughter had died.  I remember the resolve within me that things shouldn’t be like this… my daughter’s power and choice had been stripped from her and it had been stripped from me.


We were given no other choice except to use deadly drugs


chemotherapy was not the answer

The one that took her was given at 10x the dosage and was extremely toxic at 1x and it was in direct contradiction with what the Microbiology Department recommended and wanted.  Hospital protocol and government decisions had denied her opportunities that may have benefitted her.  She didn’t survive it.

She died with a nappy on and unable to move a muscle… almost 18 years old and still at school.  No-one really cared.  Sure, they fussed over us at the time but that was not what was needed.  What we needed wasn’t there… and how could I blame them, they didn’t know, they weren’t trained, they were ignorant of much. Heavens be, I hardly knew myself but I was certain that this wasn’t the way.


They only knew one thing, chemotherapy, and that didn’t work … it wasn’t the answer


I made the decision to show people how much power they have in their choices, their choices of thought and of their actions, so they didn’t wind up powerless like we had.  I opened my shop in Truro selling antique items and restoring furniture.


But, first, I had to survive what I later came to realise was the dark night of my soul


During my process of survival I studied, read and learned much, in between times of wanting to disappear and end all the pain.  I started to recover and then started teaching and helping others to heal.

I became qualified in Spiritual Healing and a Certified Teacher for the work of Louise L. Hay.  I started with Heal Your Life workshops and personal healings.  I helped hundreds of people get their lives back on track with my knowledge and skills, physically and mentally – thousands in my shop at Truro.


I blended these skills, developed and trademarked my systems

Emotional Rescue® and Shifting Gears® programs were born

…and they get results for people.


You see, what is needed can be taught


Mental health healing is not only possible but doable.

The system now includes home study programs created from the live workshops and courses that I ran and can be accessed on-line.

The information I am about to share with you is based on my experience and many years of work guiding my clients and myself through this process. I now feel it is time to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, in as many arenas of life as possible.


At last…

Why it is important to me (and may be to you too) to share this?


Because there are 3 missing links to mental health healing as we currently know it in our society.


How do I know this?


Well, I’ve been there.  I’ve been on the road to suicide and made it back.  I won’t say it was easy.  I won’t even say it was straight forward.  There were lots of twists, lots of turns, and many steps backward.  But, I did make it through… and I learned a thing or two.


I learned what makes the difference to surviving… or not


When I lost my daughter in year 12 to cancer, it was the end of my world as I knew it and, believe me, I didn’t want to stay here any longer.  I had a medical history of not being able to be helped any more with infections and allergies, but rising from this experience and overcoming the want to die became my greatest challenge in this life.  There was no assistance given for my mental health healing.

So, I know.  I know how easy it can be to opt out.


I know what made the difference


I know what it is that can be shared, and I know how to help people heal – mentally, physically and spiritually – and I would like to share with you what I feel are the:

3 core missing links to mental health healing in our society


So… welcome again, I trust you will find this article both enlightening and useful.


Mental Health Healing Missing Link #1…

Emotional Health Healing


The first missing link to mental health healing is what I call emotional health healing… or healing from past hurts.  Now, these past hurts  have developed over time and created trauma.  This trauma is not only emotional but mental and physical as well.

It starts with a physical experience that creates emotional upheaval, then becomes a mental issue and a potential physical problem as well.  I say potential because, at this stage, a physical problem is not yet visible or in existence… but its ghost form is.


So, lets look at this emotional trauma


Emotional trauma covers anything that has given a person a negative emotional reaction that has not been processed out of the body.  By this I mean an incident or experience that has left a negative emotional charge on you. Something happened and it had an impact on you.

You may have felt gutted when it happened, you may have felt knifed in the back, or you may have just been left so distressed that you carry the pain around with you.


What happens?


You can be free of your pain and torment

This impact caused a reaction within you – you may have verbalised or expressed it physically or you may not have.  It may have been something that was said to you, it may have been a way you were mistreated, it may have been a situation that you found yourself in and couldn’t get out of easily.

It could be something simple like not getting along with a work colleague, or it could be something huge like being in a violent relationship (or family) and you were abused.  It could be losing someone dear to you.  There are big ones and little ones but when they happen they are all big ones.


Something little can end up being bigger than Ben Hur!


There are chronic ones that can go on for a long time, and there are acute ones that are sudden like being verbally attacked by someone you trust.

It is not the size of the emotional trauma that affects you, it is the way you internalise it, the way you process it both in your body and in your mind.


It is the hold that it has on you that matters


If you experience something you don’t like and then make a decision to never do that something again because you might experience the pain again… then it has a hold on you.


It programs you to react


For example, say a man wearing a checked shirt raped a girl on a date, then she made a decision to never date a man again, or perhaps made the decision to never speak again to a man wearing a checked shirt, and then acted on that decision, then that experience of being raped is still very much in her body, in her mind and, more deadly, in the cells of her body.

Another example would be a mother giving birth to a baby and she experiences extremely painful childbirth, perhaps her life was even at risk, then experiences the joys of motherhood and felt loving and protective towards her child.  She moves through the pain, processes it in a loving way and then goes onto have another child.  She is not holding onto the negative experience.  However, if the pain is not processed, it could become destructive to her mind and body should she choose not to have any more children because of the pain.


It doesn’t go away by ignoring it


Emotional trauma stays in the body until it is processed in a loving and positive way. When this process is denied, it can build up, then other experiences with more emotion can become attached to it – with or without conscious awareness – and it can end up a big deal.

When emotion is held onto for a long time (even subconsciously) it will change form in the body.  The energy of the emotion will become the energy of an illness or disease.


E-motion is literally energy-in-motion in your body


There is help


If you have been struggling with coping in life, perhaps suffering from depression… or perhaps you are a doctor, or counsellor or other therapist who is struggling with certain clients, then I would like to invite you to download my free Workbook:


3 Common Mistakes that people make preventing them from freeing themselves from disease… permanently


Often traumatic experiences or stressful situations play out over and over in a person’s life.  Often you can see these cycles playing out in another person before you can see it in yourself, but they exist… and you can be certain that these cycles have been started, not only possibly in early childhood, but also in other previous lifetime experiences and it is helpful to be able to understand this at a very deep level… and that leads me to the second missing link.


Mental Health Healing Missing Link #2…

Spiritual Awareness Training


The second missing link to mental health healing is a lack of spiritual awareness training in our health circles.

Spiritual awareness training is not about religion, it is not even about a set of beliefs. It is becoming aware of who you are (or your client or patient) at a much deeper level than what you can see and hear in front of you.

To be able to understand a patient or a client at this level, you need to know yourself at this level first.


Spiritual training will connect you consciously to your life-force


Your life-force belongs to the spiritual realms, existed there before you were born, will exist there after you die, and dwells there while are alive.  A portion of your life-force exists in your body during this time – your life.

Spiritual training allows you to become aware of the inter-action which exists between your human-ness and your spiritual nature, or life-force.  It is coming to understand how this universe works, your place in it, the reasons you have certain challenges in life which is peculiar and different for everyone.


What is the significance of spiritual training?


Spiritual training gives you the ability to know yourself as a whole.  It embraces your soul historyand you come to know yourself as a being much greater than a human.

This is important because, to see yourself only as a physical body with a mind and a shelf life, does not give you the foundation to understand neither your issues nor the ability to change your circumstances.  You will see your circumstances as being inevitable, feel that you are unable to have an impact on the outcome, and inevitably succumb to them.


There is more…


More to you, more to your challenges, more that you need to know.

There are 2 parts to you… your physicality which is your body, your intellect/psyche, your name (which you may or may not like) and which entered life on a certain day and will depart from life at some future date yet unknown and undeclared.

This is the physical part of you and is your human nature.


Yet there is more, more to you


You have a life-force which is not physical and which is not visible to most people, yet it is the very part of you which makes your heart beat and your brain tick.

Your spirit is your life-force.  It is that part of you which cannot be seen.  Yes, you can see the out-workings of your spirit in your body and your mind, and in your actions as well, as you can also see the out-working of your human-ness in those places too.

Your life-force is the part of you that oversees your life, your body and your mind.  You could call it your conscience.  In fact, it is the one who wants to use your body and your mind.  It has control of you yet is not always in control.


Often people allow their human-ness to be in control and there in lies conflict.


Because your life-force is the reason you were born


It is the reason you have appeared on Earth to live a life.  It has a purpose and it wants to be expressed… and, whether you are aware of this or not, your life-force runs your show.


What happens when you ignore your Life-force


You can get guidance from your life-force

When you are too distanced from your life-force, or pushing too far away from it’s desires, you will experience a mack-truck.  A mack-truck experience can knock you to your knees and it can show up when life is at its hardest.

It can come in the form of an illness, a relationship disaster, the loss of someone very close, it can show up in a myriad of ways but, always, it will feel disastrous… the end of your world.

It is the end of your world as you currently perceive it, and time to wake-up to yourself as a whole.


You need to connect powerfully and consciously to your life-force


Your life-force comes into your body with your first breath and leaves on your last breath. It is always there as long as you are alive, but your connection can be very thin at times.

Without your life-force, you are just a corpse – a shell of a body,life-less… and this applies to every living being and transcends all religion.  It just is.

It is imperative for a joyous, healthy life to be truly connected and that is why it is


my #1 job is to help you with this conscious connection


Spiritual training includes being given the tools


…to both access this knowledge within yourself and the keys to know what to do with what you uncover.  It is understanding how energy works, your place within this energy, and how to harness and use this energy in conjunction with your mind energy.


The training gives you a sound knowledge so that you are confident


You are protected and capable of resolving issues in your past as well as your present, giving you the ability to shape your future in an environment of love, joy, peace and prosperity.

If you would like to fully understand more about why people don’t always heal, even with the best or most expensive treatments, please download a free copy of my Workbook:


3 Common Mistakes that people make preventing them from freeing themselves from disease… permanently


Now, for the 3rd missing link.


Mental Health Healing Missing Link #3…  

Professional Skills Development Training


The third missing link to mental health healing is inadequate and often unobtainable skilled professionals with adequate spiritual training and a lack of professional skills development training in this area.


There is a serious lack of training in the skills needed to effect mental health healing in our traditional health care system


There is a lack of training in the skills needed to change the outcome of a traumatic experience on a person in their body, preventing or reversing disease, and giving them the skills to both release them from the hold that past experiences may have on them, and also to cope with any future negative experiences should they occur.


What is needed can be taught, but it is not intellectual


Yes, knowledge is used and the intellect is needed, but healing cannot be taught in isolation without the emotional healing nor the spiritual awareness training.

And, there is no time… no time permitted to be able to be spent with a patient.


We have an overloaded health care system which tends to band-aid problems rather than get to the root cause of a problem


There is inadequate spiritual education so that a person has the tools to overcome their challenges.


There is a misconception that spiritual training is religious

…that it is about religion.  It is not.

In fact, spiritual training has nothing whatsoever to do with religion.  You could keep on with your religious practices and incorporate this training with them as many others do… or… you could rise above religion altogether.


How can I be sure?


In saying that, I would like to share with you 2 profound messages that I was given as a young teacher by my non-physical guides, and that is:


         “  It is dangerous to belong to any one


            A religion is a set of beliefs.

            Beliefs belong to man.

            Spirituality belongs to God.

            It is your connection to the divine,

               …to source, to the holy cosmos.”


        “ Religion tends to divide people and anything that divides people is not of God ”


They are messages that I freely give to you


So… there is a serious lack of skills training in mental health healing as we know it to effect either emotional healing or spiritual awareness and healing.


We have a medical system that is a business specialising in sickness with repeat customers


What can be done?


I have incorporated these needs and developed a system and process designed to handle this issue and I have a deep desire to train others in key positions in these skills.  I want to develop a network where people can be trained in Emotional Rescue® and Shifting Gears® to help others.


Do you feel called to help others?

Do you feel called?


If you are a counsellor, doctor, psychotherapist, healer, or other therapist that helps people recover their physical or mental health, Emotional Rescue ® will add another dimension to the work that you already do.  It will speed up your client’s recovery time and, in many cases, may be the difference between success and non-success.


It is a technique that you can use to change trauma impacted on a person – mentally and physically


No, you may not get as many $$s from each person because his/her recovery will be quicker, but you will get many more clients because of your success.

I particularly value the speed of success when there are young children in care of my clients. My experience is that, if you can have a great impact on a parent you will have a great impact on the child as children are energetically tied to their mother until that child severs his/her energy cord.  So, whatever care and healing is given to the mother, then it is also given to the child. This benefit cannot be underestimated.


It could also be the difference between survival or not


This technique can be used in conjunction with almost any treatment and your training will involve spiritual awareness and skills.  I would love to see body workers or massage therapists incorporate this skill in their treatments when they find pain points within their clients.  It would make for powerful treatments.


You might ask:

Why am I so passionate about wanting to do this?


Well, there are 2 reasons:


The first is

I have a profound desire to lessen pain on the planet.  Yes, pain is a necessary part of learning, but I know first-hand what it is like to get entrenched in the hurdy-gurdy of medicines.

I know what it is like to be treated for symptoms, to have reactions to those treatments, to be continually finding new medications, and to then get to a stage where I am told “you can’t be helped any more”.


Living and learning does not have to be all in pain


I also know what it is like to be entrenched in mental and emotional pain and not feel there is a way out, and not know where or how to find that way.  I know what it is like to not be understood, to be stumbling over life’s pitfalls with no-one around me knowing what to say or do, let alone help me.  I know what it is like to want out.

Pain, pain… and more pain.

I know that is it not necessary to have to live like this.  I know that our current system is not the answer.  I know that there can be a release from this pain and I want to share this knowledge and skills as much as possible.  The only way I can do that is to teach it and let it grow.


Would you like to become a Practitioner of Emotional Rescue®  and a Facilitator of Shifting Gears® programs?


I can’t do it all


The second is

It is not possible for me to help everyone who needs to be helped so I want to teach the knowledge and skills to others wherever they are so they can have a profound influence on the people in their communities.


I need a rest


I tell a lie, there is a third reason

I am wanting to lessen my workload to only focus on people who are willing and have the desire to help others around them.


Only in this way can I be sure the skills will go where they are needed.


If you like to become a Practitioner of Emotional Rescue®  and a Facilitator of Shifting Gears®  programs



Please contact me…  I can be contacted via email:

and I would dearly love to hear from you.


Remember to download a free copy of my Workbook:

3 Common Mistakes that people make preventing them from freeing themselves from disease… permanently




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