Emotional Rescue equals Emotional Healing

Why Emotional Rescue ®  is so important and so powerful for emotional healing?

This is the question for this blog post.

We can think that if we cry and change our minds we have “dealt with a painful experience” and emotionally healed, but it is not true.  It is beneficial but it is not clearing the negativity surrounding the experience… nor is it changing the impact it has (or may yet to have) on your body.  Nor is it changing or reversing an illness or disease that may have commenced.

So, again, why is Emotional Rescue ® so important for emotional healing.

Emotional Rescue ®  works because it changes the energy existing in your cells.  The cells in your body are listening to every thought you think, every word you speak, and they feel every one of your actions.  While we cannot change the original incident and erase the experience literally in time and space, we can change the history and impact it has had on your body, mind and spirit… if you are willing.

So, emotional trauma that has impacted you in the past can be changed in your present (or future) which shapes and becomes your future (and present) experience.

This change is permanent unless you change it again.

We use the Emotional Rescue ® process/technique not only to change trauma impacting your health but also to heal relationship issues and to clear past life hurts which may be impacting you today.

Teaching you Emotional Rescue ® enables you to raise your vibration and you grow powerful in the knowledge that you know what to do to reverse conditions from the past that are causing you angst in your present and gives you the power to reshape your future.

If you would like more information on this or learn to do Emotional Rescue ® either with yourself or a client, please go to… Working with Cheryl or email me privately.  

My email is:  cheryl@soulstarconnections.com.au.

You can read more about what is needed to heal permanently here.

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