Emotional healing… can we heal from trauma?

Today I would like to discuss emotional healing… can it be achieved and what actually is emotional trauma?


Emotional trauma covers anything that has given you a negative emotional reaction that has not been processed out of your body.  By this I mean an incident or experience that has left a negative emotional charge on you.  Something happened to you and it had an impact on you.  It can be both positive or negative but only the negative impacts we need to be concerned with.


We need to address the emotional healing before disease develops to be physically well

Why?  Because the negative impacts will scar both your body and your mind.  When the hurt is deep and the scar not healed, physical illness will develop.  Emotional healing needs to be achieved in order to achieve permanent physical healing.  You can put bandaids on in the form of medication – both allopathic and naturopathic – and many therapies as well but in all cases if emotional healing is not achieved, then physical healing also will not be achieved.


How does it happen?

You may have felt gutted when it happened, you may have felt knifed in the back, you may have just been left so distressed that you carry the pain around with you.  This impact would have caused a reaction within you – you may have verbalised or expressed it physically or you may not have.  It may have been something that was said to you, it may be a way you have been treated, it may be a situation that you found yourself in and couldn’t get out of easily.


It could be something simple like not getting along with a work colleague, or it could be something huge like being in a violent relationship (or family) and you were abused.  It could be losing someone dear to you.  There are big ones and little ones but when they happen they are all big ones.  There are chronic ones which can go on for a long time, and there are acute ones like being verbally attacked by someone you trust.


The emotional pain needs to be healed not just put on a side burner.  Emotional healing should be considered primary and treated before illness develops.


It is not the size of the emotional trauma that affects us, it is the way we internalise it, the way we process it both inn our bodies and in our minds.  It is the hold that it has on us that matters.  If we experience something we don’t like then make a decision to never do that something again because we might experience the pain again, then it has a hold on us and emotional healing has not been achieved.


For example, say a man wearing a checked shirt raped a girl on a date, then she made a decision to never date a man again, or perhaps made the decision to never speak to a man again wearing a checked shirt, and acted on that decision then that experience of being raped is still very much in her body, mind and cells.

The girl may feel that she has controlled the situation but emotional healing is far from being achieved.


Another example would be a mother giving birth to a baby and experiences extremely painful childbirth, perhaps she was even at risk, then experiences the joys of motherhood and felt loving and protective towards her child, she moves through the pain, processes it in a loving way and then goes onto have another child.  She is not holding onto the negative experience. However, if the pain is not processed it could should she choose not to have any more children because of the pain.


Emotional trauma stays in your body until it is processed in a loving and positive way. When this process is denied and emotional healing not addressed, it can build up, then other experiences with more emotion can become attached to it – with or without your awareness – and it can end up a big deal.


When the emotion is held onto for a long time (even subconsciously) it will change form in your body.  The energy of the emotion will become the energy of an illness or disease.  Emotional healing must be considered and attended to.


E-motion is Energy in motion in your body.


Emotional healing can be achieved and the negative effects it has had on your body can be changed with a technique called Emotional Rescue ® which I teach you in all my courses.

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