Break the myth … Christmas is not religious!
Christmas is for Everyone

Christmas is for everyone

Christmas is for everyone

Christmas is here again and I would like to share a divine message I received this week with you.

Christmas is not about Jesus the person.

It is about what he taught us, it is about what he represents.

Jesus does not want to be idolised, he wants to be remembered as your brother.

He wants us to remember unconditional love, non-judgement and true forgiveness.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not is irrelevant … or Buddha … or Krishna … or Allah.

Christmas is here.

This is the season where we come together collectively on the planet to do God’s work.

God’s work is to be kind, to be loving, to be generous, to be creative, and to be giving from the heart.

When we do this collectively as we do at Christmas Time, the energy shifts on the planet for the better. The vibration of humanity as a whole can change and shift – for good … for God … whatever and however you conceive that to be.

It is God’s time. It is Good’s time. It is a powerful time … and it is an opportunity to shift our energy in an instant and on a large scale. So, where do you sit with Christmas?

Are you going to be part of the vibrational change, or shift, that can occur for humanity collectively? … or will you sit back and say “I don’t believe, therefore I won’t celebrate” … therefore I won’t add to the collective Good.

It matters not what you believe for beliefs belong to Man. Religion belongs to Man as it was created by Man. As well-intentioned as it might be, it was and still does belong to Man.

Goodness, however, belongs to God … and that we are all a part of.

The life-force that runs through you runs through me, and every other person on the planet no matter what gender, what culture or even what religion. It even runs through the animals and the plants and the stones. We all share this in common and it cannot be taken away until we draw our last breath … and even then it is not taken, as it is who we become, once again.

It is who you really are … you are your life-force not your body.

So Christmas belong to us all … not to religion. It belongs to each of us that wants to share collectively and enhance the Good on the planet. It is our purpose individually and collectively.

Strive for Goodness … be a Pollyanna this Christmas. Share and care for those you know and those you don’t know. Allow this vibration to build and shift humanity as we do it collectively in a specific time-frame.

My love extends to you this Christmas season wherever you are and whatever you are doing … and no matter what you believe. May you be filled with joy, with love, with generosity, with creativity, and with purpose.

Merry Christmas and Bless You,

Love Cheryl xo

PS … If you would like to hear more divine messages about Christmas, watch these 2 3-minute episodes of SSCwebTV – or read them! If you would like to share your thoughts with me I’d love to hear.

Click on one the links below and leave your comments below.

Until then, enjoy this festive season for what it is … be kind, be loving, be generous, be creative , be giving from the heart. Love you all…

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