Happy New Year 2016 Blessing for You

HNY 16

As 2015 comes to a close, I would like to share my prayer with and for you.

We have seen another challenging year again with 2015. Personally, I have been confronted with the horror of bushfires in Australia and witnessed mass destruction by nature’s forces and I know many of you have experienced life challenging situations too. It fast puts perspectives into place.

No matter whether you are part of my past, present or future, this is my prayer and blessing for you:



Happy New Year to my physical family,

Happy New Year to my virtual family,

Happy New Year to my on-line family,

Happy New Year to all my friends right around the globe – old and new.


May you be blessed in 2016

May you love and be loved in 2016

May you find peace and live it …

May you experience generosity and give it …

May you find faith and trust in yourself and this be reflected back to you.

May you experience joy and ecstasy and radiate this out from you.


I trust 2016 will deliver to you all that your heart is longing for and that it serves you in your highest capacity and with integrity.


May your heart and life be filled with JOY.

From my spirit to yours we live in love.



I hope you have come through 2015 with greatness (not necessarily easiness as there is no growth there) and I trust that 2016 will be all that you desire.

Before you sit down and create your Dream Board (or Vision Board) for 2016, remember to look backover 2015 and take stock of what you have experienced, what you have achieved, where you have grown and where life has taken you.

Celebrate these milestones and indulge yourself in the joy of this vibration, then use this vibration as a springboard to launch 2016 and create your Dream/Vision Board.


If you would like to revisit how to create a Celebration Board, watch this short video on how I do mine.

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with love, Cheryl xo

PS … Soul Star Connections has some awesome plans for 2016 which I hope to be able to share with you before too long so stay tuned.



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