SSC webTV #20 … How to set out fresh and really use your intentions for guiding your life this year

The new year is a time when we often set new year’s resolutions to lose weight or to stop smoking and often we are wanting to change some negative aspect in our life and even more often it doesn’t go anywhere.

In this episode of Soul Star Connections webTV … Shifting Gears in Your Life I share with you the way that I set my new year’s resolutions by using my new ‘intentions’.  It is a whole new fresh approach and helps me to stay focussed when life gets a bit hairy.  Its far more freeing, flexible and powerful.

I would love for you to share below if you use this method – or any other method – and how it works for you.

with love, Cheryl

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Video Transcript:

Well another new year is here … Happy New Year …  the Christmas holiday break is all but done and its that time of the year where we settle back into life and start again.  For many people it means going back to the same old routine, perhaps back to the hum-drum of life … perhaps back to the same-old.

A lot of people will set a ‘new year’s resolution’ around about new year’s eve … maybe to lose some weight, or to stop drinking so much or to give up smoking or something like that that’s got a hold over them … but have you ever taken the time out to just set your intentions for the year …  to set your projection of where you want this year to go for yourself?

You could call this goal setting or you could call it a Dream Board or creating a Vision Board but I rather like the idea of stepping into the new year with a fresh set of ideas, a fresh set of intentions, a fresh whole new approach so I call this my Intention Board or Intention Chart.  This is my Intention Chart for 2014.

What I do is … I take a piece of cardboard and I select categories that are important in my life.  The categories that are important for me are:  Holidays, Romance, Personal Development, Big Business Dreams, (I have some big business dreams so you can see it takes up a bigger part of my page), Giving Back, Friends, Family, Health and again Romance.

It used to stop there but one day an angel in the form of a little girl came into my shop, found my Intention Chart out the back while her mother was looking at some products and drew me a new category.  I never found her message until after she left and I have kept it … so here we have Fun!  She drew a new category on my board, marked it out for me and left it… 3 little letters –   Fun.  So you might like to put that one on yours too if you don’t already.

It was a reminder to me that we need to take time out and just play, just have fun and so I try to incorporate that.

I like to do this after I have made a Celebration Board.  I make the Celebration Board in December and this is my Celebration Board for last year.  It lists all the achievements, all the things that we did as a family, and as individuals, and I like to look at that for about a month.  So I put that up in December and then I replace it with my Intention Board and there will be a time where they are together.

But in doing my Intention Chart like this it reminds me of where I want to steer myself in life.  It helps me to stay focussed when life gets a bit hairy.  Its not to say other things don’t happen in life but this is the thing that helps to keep me focussed.  It’s a powerful exercise that will help to keep you from going off track.

I’d love to know if you do this and, if so, if it works for you or whether perhaps you do it a bit differently.  I’d love to see your ideas.

I have also put a link down below where you can see from a previous episode how I made my Celebration Board … so enjoy them and Happy New Year.


  1. Bren Burford says

    I love this idea as a fresh start of the year and think that the dream/vision board would be a really powerful way to think about the direction you want to go for the year in a way that is positive. I am going to do one for the first time and am going to share this activity with my sister and my neice and nephews as something we can do and share together. What a great start for an exciting year to come.

    I got spirit bumps (commonly called goose bumps) when hearing about the little angel that added to your board. What a gift.
    thanks with love
    brenda xxx

  2. I hope it steers you well this year Bren – thanks for sharing. I have also found it good to look back over the previous ones. We get some laughs and we remember more easily. Hope you have a powerful year xo
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