SSC webTV #19 … You asked … When to drink my Juice?

Since last week’s episode on Juicing a lot of people have asked me … “Do I just drink juice and not eat?” … so today I want to make it clear for everyone.

The answer (for us) is “NO“! I am aware there are people and times when juice fasting is highly beneficial … but NOT in our circumstances.

Why is that?

Well, dad is 81 years old and very frail.  He needs his body mass for his mobility which is already compromised with Parkinsons.  He cannot afford to lose weight or strength.

So … How do you take the juice to receive the same benefits that you do when you juice fast?

The answer to this is simple but you need to be diligent.

Dad completed drinking his juice at least 30 minutes before eating his meals and at least 2 hours after finishing his previous meal.  In this way he avoided the juice being mixed with his food and going through his digestive system.

By drinking it 30 minutes prior to his meals and 2 hours after his previous meal it was able to go straight into his blood system … just as is done when juice fasting. Dad is a big eater and needs the calories from his food intake for strength and was still able to consume his normal (large) daily food requirements.  In this way he received the benefits of both the juice and the food.

If you haven’t seen last week’s episode you can access it here …

with love, Cheryl

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Video Transcript:

Well I guess you are wondering what’s happened to us – why you haven’t heard from us.  Well 17 weeks ago my world as I knew it stopped.  My shop was shut with 2 hours notice and webTV was halted in an instant.

My father was found in a vegetative state from continual sedation 8 o’clock in the morning in a nursing home.  It took until 5 o’clock that night for my brother to be able to put him in a car and bring him home.  He had been in there for 9 days and this was the 10th.  He never went back and we couldn’t get any real response from the management.

He was in such a state – he  couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, couldn’t communicate, couldn’t feed himself, couldn’t toilet himself. He has some pretty big problems. He has 2 forms of cancer – lymphoma (which is in remission), prostate cancer, parkinsons, dementia – and on top of that he has some big knee issues.  He needed a knee replacement and which couldn’t happen – he couldn’t have the surgery because of the other problems.

So what were we going to do?

Green and purple juice.

I was coming from the space of … give the body the nutrients it needs and the body will regenerate itself.  After all, the body is a self-regenerating mechanism.  When you fall over and graze yourself there’s nothing you do, the body heals itself … and the body knows how to do that. All we need to do is give it the nutrients, deal with the emotion stuff – and I might add I haven’t even gone there yet with dad – but we had a place to start.

I was primarily looking for ingredients to help people with Parkinsons.  I was looking for things with dopamine and magnesium.

About 2 weeks into the process we nearly lost dad.  He seemed to be shutting down fast and I didn’t think he was going to stay here much longer.  We had 2 nights of him ‘chain-stoking’ and we decided to take dad off all his medication except his levadopa (which is needed for Parkinsons) … and things turned around.

He seemed to be improving physically but not mentally and it was a big concern to me because why were we getting physical improvement and not mental improvement … and this worried me but we continued on … and then I questioned the other medication and we decided to scale it down – to start reducing it.

I found out it was one of the most addictive substances in the world and we had to do it very slow.  So over the course of the next 8 weeks we decreased the levadopa until he was no longer on it.  This was the time when we started to notice improvements in dad’s mental functions.

So, today I want to show you just what we are doing … juicing. I hope that it will inspire you if you’re in a place where you are struggling with your health.  So here it is.

I have invested in a cold press juicer.  I haven’t done any research with different ones.  That is something that I plan to do but I haven’t.  I simply bought the first one that I saw.  If you want to do some juicing and you haven’t already purchased a juicer I would highly recommend that you buy a cold press juicer.  You get twice as much juice, less than half the amount of pulp so you are gaining cost wise on the purchasing of your vegetables.

Our combination basically is kale, celery, spinach (sometimes chard – today we have actually got both), zucchini (but I am out of zucchini today) broccoli, beetroot, lemons, apple, onion (you could use a bit of garlic), watermelon. What else have I got here – parsley.

What I have got here will make up approximately 4 x 500ml serves and that’s our daily consumption.  Dad has 3 of those serves and I have 1 (which I consider to be a maintenance serve).

We looked very hard to find something to provide dopamine and I found it, actually, in watermelon. The other thing that I was looking for specifically was magnesium and that we found in spinach.  Kale is a super food and is full of the omega 3’s as well as betacarotene and a whole host of other things.  Recently we added fennel which I found out was very good for prostate issues.

The things that I would never be without are kale, spinach, watermelon, lemon, parsley (parsley is a source of calcium) and beetroot.  I have also been known to substitute pear for apple and sometimes I replace a lemon with an orange.  Basically this is the combination I have used for dad.

Dad is now in a place where he is about 50 days free of all of his medication … he was on a lot of medication. The other thing I want to add here … when I am juicing I use the tops (the leaves) too.  There is a lot of nutrients in it.  You will see that I use the beetroot leaves, I use the celery leaves.  If I am doing carrots I will use carrot tops.

You will need to source ones that are pesticide-free or organic because if you are using ones that have been sprayed on the leaves well the leaves are where the pesticide is held.  Carrot tops are rich in vitamin K.

First of all we will start with beetroot … I like to start with something that has got some pulp so that I don’t lose too much juice out of the rear of the machine. Here we go … onion. Starting now … here we have some chard leaves going in. As you can see, there is hardly any pulp coming out … and I am always amazed at just how much juice there is in beetroot.  Fennel.

With a cold press juicer things do need to be a little smaller than with other juicers.  I am going to put the apple in now just to move it along a little bit further. Lemon, beetroot leaves, celery, spinach.  When I do spinach I cut the stalks off because they’re very stringy and I found they tend to wrap around the press – there’s a press in here.  I use them – I cut them up very small and do them last. More fennel, parsley.

One of the things with cold press juicers is you can do things like parsley and get the benefits.  I always noticed with my other juicers than you didn’t really get the product – it came out the other end, it came out in the pulp. More fennel.

Now we are getting to the kale.  More kale … I’m pretty heavy handed with the kale.  There are different forms of kale that you can buy.  I have chosen to buy the darkest green one that I can get at the time.  Broccoli and more broccoli. We are going to need another jug.  Here is our first one. More apple.  Lots of watermelon.  Now for the spinach stalks.    As you can see I have cut them up into small pieces. And there you are.

We have 2 jugs and so long as I put some in each glass – that’s where the watermelon is and this is where most everything else is.

So… here’s to your health.

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