SSC webTV #18 … Are you being held back by your Money Programming?

Christmas is a time of year when we can all be challenged with our emotions and inner programming around Money.  We can even end up losing our true selves and going through Christmas in a bit of a victim state worrying about not having enough money.  This then puts us on the back-foot financially to begin the new year and can perpetuate a cyclic pattern in us.

Watch this week’s episode of Soul Star Connections webTV … Shifting Gears in Your Life to find out how to get your free series ‘5 Tips on How to Recognise Your Inner Negative Programming on Money’.  This series is intended to help you become aware of what, how and why we have so much resistance to both giving and receiving money.

It is a gift from me to say ‘Thank you for supporting my webTV program this year’ and I trust it serves you well.

I wish you much love, joy, peace and financial well-being this Christmas.

I would love for you to share how you cope with these challenges at this special time of the year so please leave your comments down below.

with love, Cheryl

PS …  

If you would like to take charge of your financial health and live from a place free of imposed limitations, I can show you how.  The best way that I can do this is with my Shifting Gears® Show Me the Money home study course.  You can find out more about this program here.


Keep an eye out for my verrrry special Christmas gift coming and only available to you as a supporter of my webTV program in its initial year.

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Video Transcript:

Well Christmas is fast approaching … the Christmas Pageant has been here in Adelaide, SA and that always heralds and opens    the festive season here. I don’t know about you, but I am already feeling the pressure building on 2 of our most precious commodities … time and money.

Because we have so much negative programming around money and its availability we can end up going through the festive season in a bit of a ‘victim’ state and lose our true selves.  We can feel resentment for all sorts of reasons ranging from an inability to see a way where we can ‘give’ as we would like to, to those closest to us … to a sense of being pushed or ‘forced’ in  to spending more than our realistic  budgets.

This can put us on the back-foot financially to start the new year and take away the love and joy we so desperately want to feel and express at this time of the year.  Christmas can then become such an emotional time for so many people and bring up all sorts of emotions … ranging from fear, anger, grief, resentment … and this can end up locking you in a cyclic pattern which occurs year after year after year.  Not only do we end up not enjoying the festive season at hand but we can fear and resent the process going into the next Christmas.  And on it goes…

So … where did this start … and where does it end?

It usually started very early in life – often before you were 5 years old – and it ends when you become aware of its source and re-write your inner programming.  This inner programming is reflected by your inner beliefs and ideas.

Over the next few days, I will be sending you a series of emails called … 5 Tips on How to Recognise Your Inner Negative Programming on Money. This is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ to you for supporting my webTV program … Shifting Gears in Your Life over the past year

I hope that you will benefit enormously from this and that you will be able to start freeing yourself up from old and outdated programming so that you can enjoy Christmas for what it truly is … an opportunity for you to express yourself and show who you truly are … without the baggage that you have inherited and created over time … even eons.  Yes … eons!  Not all your programming has been created by you … much of it has been instilled in you – in the very cells of your body – and has been handed down generation after generation after generation.

While you are not responsible for a large portion of your programming, it is your responsibility to end that which is not working for you.  It is not necessary to carry this baggage on.  Your programs need to be changed consciously and freely so that your life works in a way that is joyous, loving, prosperous and free of financial hardship. It is my desire to see more people achieving this … easily, quickly and painlessly … and to do this we need to educate ourselves.

Education is power!

I hope you will enjoy this series of emails and that they benefit you enormously. I wish you love, peace, joy and wealth as we move through this festive season and I will see you tomorrow with the first tip in this series.

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