SSC webTV #12 … What to do if you have an auto-immune problem

Auto-immune diseases are when the body has turned on itself.  This week’s short video may challenge you … particularly if you have an auto-immune disease.  You may or may not like or agree with this thinking … but I am going to challenge you with this question:

Is your thinking now solving your problem?

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If you are in this situation, let me know … I would love for you to share your comments below and I will come back and join your conversation.

with Love, Cheryl

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Video Transcript:

This week we are going to look at auto-immune diseases and what that means to you as an ‘energetic being’.  This may make you uncomfortable … particularly if you are suffering from an auto-immune disease.   You may not agree with this way of thinking … but I am going to challenge you with this:  Is your thinking now solving your problem?

Auto-immune diseases are when the body has turned on itself.  The normal functioning in some area of the body has gone AWOL.  For some reason the body is functioning incorrectly or inappropriately.  In many ways it is not unlike allergies … even cancer.

I feel all of these problems … auto-immune diseases, allergy and even cancer … have similarities that can’t be ignored … and that is the body is turning on itself.

So how do we repair this destruction?  Medically, we are given cortisones, steroids, chemotherapy … lots of harmful drugs which further send the body in disrepair.

So, how do we repair the damage that’s being done naturally (or so-called naturally) and that that is being done chemically as well?  It gets very complicated.

Well the first step is to step out of the drama … step out of the drama and start observing yourself.  Notice how you are behaving … and I don’t mean in relationship to someone else.  I mean in relationship to yourself … in relationship to your life-force.  Are you somewhat disconnected from your life-force?  Are you even aware of your life-force?  Are you aware of it and perhaps ignoring it?

Do you think that someone else … perhaps a mother/father or a lover or a doctor or a government official … needs to look after your inner-self?  The truth is the inner-self is the carrier of our life-force and, in this situation, it has almost given up trying to be ‘heard’.

There are 2 parts to you … your physical make-up (which is the human part of you … your body which has an intellect) and then there is the non-physical part of you which is that life-force that is flowing through you … that part of you which animates you and which is non-physical … yet without this you are just a corpse.

Your life-force brought you into this world … it wanted to have fun, it wanted to create, it wanted to expand, it wanted to grow.

When this part of you is denied (the life-force) … when the human part of you has too much control … it is like the human part has turned upon the life-force.  The body has turned upon itself.  It is like the life-force is being denied any opportunity to expand, to grow, to have fun … to create.

The human part of you has blocked out the life-force … it has blocked out your intuition and it has tried to take control.  It can also happen when extreme trauma has been experienced … the human part of you will block out the life-force.

Something I have witnessed in life with people with this issue is that when they have allowed their life-force into their life and to operate the auto-immune disease goes into remission … but when they shut it out again their auto-immune issue re-appears.  It is really important that you make a commitment with yourself.  If you are suffering from a problem like this you need to have that commitment with your life-force … it needs to be taken seriously.

Is your life-force being heard?  Are you able to even conceive of it having a role in your life?  Let me know … leave your comments down below and I will come back and share with you.


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  2. You’re welcome Jenna – do you have an auto-immune problem? I hope it helps.


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