SSC webTV #11 … Allergy or Not?

Do you suffer from an allergy?  You may have more control over an allergy than you are led to believe. This week’s short video questions our conventional left-brained thinking that an allergy is the cause of us being allergic to something.

Do you suffer from an allergy?  You may have more control over an allergy than you are led to believe. This week’s short video questions our conventional left-brained thinking that an allergy is the cause of us being allergic to something.

To find out how to free yourself, watch this week’s 4 minute episode of Soul Star Connections webTV … Shifting Gears® in Your Life.

Let me know what if you are in this situation … how have you been able to cope with it or manage yourself?  Share your comments below and I will come back and join your conversation.

with Love, Cheryl

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Video Transcript:

The other day I was somewhere and there was a TV blaring at me … lots of adverts and one of them pricked up my ears.  It got my attention because it was an old issue of mine.  They were talking about allergies and allergy sufferers and how allergies are one of the community’s biggest problems now.  Talking about anti-histamines and, more specifically, nasal sprays.

So it got my attention because I spent so many years being ‘allergic’ to so many things … using so many anti-histamines and so many nasal sprays … to the point that our major institution where I was having treatment came to me one day and said “they couldn’t help me any more”.  They had classified me as ‘recalcitrant’ which means ‘too hard to treat’ and were showing me the door.  They did tell I needed to “stay on my anti-histamines for the rest of my life and to treat them like blood pressure tablets” though.

Well, that was in 1999 and I can tell you they were the last tablets that I ever took.

So, what happened???

Well the real question is what is allergy?  I know the doctors and the chemists will tell you it’s when a histamine is being released inappropriately in your body … and therefore you need an anti-histamine … but they don’t look to see why the histamines are being released inappropriately.

So, why does it happen???  If you’re an allergy sufferer you have probably asked yourself that question so many times in sheer desperation … not even thinking there could be an answer … but there is.  There’s a root cause somewhere … a beginning.  Your allergy is a response to an internal dialogue going on somewhere in your body.

To get to the root cause of an allergy, you need to go back to the time when it first began … you need to remember when the symptoms first began to appear.  If you can’t remember you could ask a family member and if you can’t do that you could ask someone to ‘look’ at it intuitively … perhaps a medical intuitive or a spiritual healer or some other ‘medium’ who has expertise in here … but it can be done.   You need to go back to the time when it first began.

The next question to ask yourself is the most important one of all … and thatis: “What was going on in my life at that time?” or “What significant event was happening in my life or my family or my relationships … perhaps work  or at home … at that time?”

Now that ‘significant event’ is not the cause of the problem or your allergy … but the way that you have internalised it … the way that you have understood, processed and assimilated that experience is at the bottom of it … this is your key.  Somewhere in life you felt a victim … and you felt powerless to do anything about it.

You may have judged the experience as being non-sense … or you may have felt that you ‘should’ have got past it better.  You may have even felt that it was partly your fault or you may have pretended that nothing was really happening … but the reality is that something was and you have internalised this … suppressed it and internalised it … Your feelings are real and they need to be understood.  They need to be listened to and you need to protect yourself.

As it is now a memory, the cellular memory in your body can be changed.  Often an Emotional Rescue® will be key in releasing you from it and there may be a few layers but it can be done.

Time and again I have witnessed complete changes in cellular memory through Emotional Rescue® work.

Are you in this situation?  Do you have an allergy that seems to always control you?  Can you remember when it first started or does it seem like it was always there?  How do you manage it?  How do you cope with it?

Let me know … leave your comments below down below and I’ll come back and share.


  1. What an excellent insight. I have always had a horror of using nasal spays for some reason.. I did used to have an allergy which caused asthma and sneezing, runny eyes when I was a child, it was caused by dust generally, but who knows. I took antihistamines then.
    Unless having bad headaches is an allergy, (although I am much better now.) That was attributed to hormones.
    Have you ever had migraines as a topic?

  2. Hi Kerry … I will lock migraines in as a topic as its something that I suffered badly from once too. I have found a trick which has been extremely beneficial for me on the 2 occasions in the last 12 years that I have been confronted with it … no medication and no suffering … and which I will be happy to share. I did need a bucket on my lap though as I felt horribly sick at the time with it but it passed relatively quickly. Watch for it in the coming episodes! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you no longer suffer from allergies – you outgrew whatever the trigger was inside of you and that can happen unconsciously as well as consciously. I developed my allergies later in life – they began as a teenager but got steadily worse in my adult life. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl

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