If you know anything about the laws of physics, you will know that energy exists. It exists in a sea of constant change. You can neither destroy it nor create it. It just is.

It can be transformed and transmuted.

It can be transformed like the caterpillar is changed to a butterfly or water can be changed to ice (and vice-versa) – or you can transmute it from low energy to high energy like turning hate, jealousy, and/or unforgiveness to love, compassion gratitude, and forgiveness.

The universe is a sea of energy. It is a universe of vibration and it is constantly changing. You are creating the universe – you are creating your universe.

You are constantly shaping your world in the same way that you mould and shape a child – by dreaming and having ideas, planning and shaping that child’s learning, it’s education, it’s career etc. In the same way, your world, your life and the universe is shaped by your conscious and unconscious beliefs.

Our conscious beliefs are products of our experiences and programming and the way we have interpreted them which becomes our perception and then our belief and what appears to be ‘true’ for us.

The world can either appear good to us – or bad to us. This is determined by our interpretation of events in the world around us. All of which we are capable of changing if its not serving us.

We can wait for the universe to deliver us another experience (through the law of attraction) which may or may not result in us changing our perception and belief. It could compound the belief and make it worse … or we could see the light, so to speak, and change our thoughts, interpretations and beliefs as a consequence of the experience.

OR … we can change the belief consciously first and thus change our experiences. In this way, we get to be in control of our life, our health, our experiences. We become active activators rather than reactive responders. We get to choose – and, in this case, we get to leave hurtful experiences alone.

Sure, some are valuable and necessary for us to learn and evolve but it isn’t necessary for us to keep on doing it this way. We can become wise and integrate the knowledge and use it… and choose consciously the roads we wish to travel on instead of taking what life appears to be handing to us.

Become a conscious creator of your life and experiences. Understand yourself as an energy being … a very powerful one. Your world is a product of your energy and your beliefs.

Change your world … change you.

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