What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy portal.

It acts as a transformer to pull in universal/divine energy and allow it to be used to feed our physical body.

We all have many, many chakras or energy portals although there are 7 main/dominant portals within us.  They exist in our energy body/system much like our acupuncture meridians exist in our body.

The 7 dominant chakras are:

1:  Base/root chakra – anchoring us to our family/tribe

2:  Sacral chakra – our seat of personal power

3:  Solar Plexus chakra – our centre of personal integrity

4:  Heart chakra – our centre for giving and receiving love

5:  Throat chakra – our centre for personal expression

6:  Third Eye chakra – our “inner vision” centre

7:  Crown chakra – our “inner wisdom” centre

The lower 3 chakras govern your physical survival instincts and issues.

The top 3 chakras govern your higher agenda – your reason for being physical.

The heart chakra is the bridge you need to cross in order to operate from a higher perspective.

Survival issues are your “baggage” – your programming, your relationships with others.

Your higher agenda is the ability to live in this world happily, joyfully, peacefully and creatively … AND allowing others the same.

The bridge is love, compassion and non-judgement.

When you hang onto issues your chakras close off, become cloudy, don’t work effectively and this, in turn, restricts the energy available for use in your physical body, resulting in organs, muscles, bones not functioning to capacity and, ultimately, resulting in disease.

Temporary cleaning and opening of your chakras can be obtained by visualisations, meditations or “being worked on” by an energy healer.  However, it is all temporary.  If you get up and resume the same thoughts, habits and behaviours you will just close them off, make them cloudy etc again.  It becomes cyclic.

Permanent change is obtained by changing your perceptions.  Not just your thoughts.

You need to change the way you FEEL about something.

You need to change a belief structure which includes an attitude.

As we grow and evolve so do our chakras.

They become more capable of bringing in higher quality energy.


  1. Many thanks for bothering to line all of this out for people.
    This particular posting was in fact very useful in my opinion.

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