Spiritual Healing

The Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a wonderful way to release trauma trapped in both your physical body as cellular memory and also in your etheric field (or aura).

Working with and being guided by Spirit, it is a process whereby any blockages that are ready for releasing – be they physical, mental or emotional – can be channelled through.

Trauma sits in your energy field and in your body until released and, as you get older and have less energy to hold onto it, will eventually manifest as pain, sickness or dis-ease in your physical body.  This occurs in direct proportion to the degree of pain perceived and/or experienced and the consequent trauma attached.

This trauma often comes from childhood pain or distressing experiences in this life-time, but it can also be “left over” from other “past-life experiences”.  Spirit guides us to the cause of this pain and to the way of releasing it.

You will feel able to continue in your life with a freshness and renewed interest and a huge sense of relief.

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